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Professional Bullet Dodger

"Omar" has been telling me a lot lately that I've been dodging bullets and I should be grateful. I came home one day and told her that it's possible "The Lowest Of Them All" has recently impregnated "Baby Momma #3" who is a young girl that just recently turned 21.  While that has yet to be confirmed, looking at the larger picture, "The Lowest of Them All," is a train wreck.  He can barely spell (or speak) to save his life, he just got hired permanently at the Harley Davidson factory (a job I got him) and he still doesn't seem to have enough money to buy himself food....  But here he is, posting pictures of his "herbal medicine" publicly for the world to see on his FB page. Winning! *Dodges bullet* Or how about the young man I was enamored with over the spring, who is not only a pathological liar but seemingly a psychopath as well.  Unfortunately for him, and his followers, he is using his charm for evil..

Froggy Friday: Hairy Mess

In an attempt to be the hopeless romantic I secretly am...(shhhhh... don't tell anyone)... I re-created a profile I had on that dating site I mentioned last week in hopes of catching someone's attention that I've secretly been crushing on for quite awhile.... Instead of catching his attention, I caught the attention of over 150 dudes... 50+ of which sent me messages and out of those 50+ people only one of those caught MY attention. A 29 year old man who totally did not fit my "type".... First of all, he has long hair... Secondly... he's a Libra... I love my Libran friends... Not a fan of Libran boyfriends... And for good reason... And he's sort of slim... I like meat... whether it's muscle or chubs... I typically enjoy substance. Did I mention that he has long hair? But, in any case, he seemed smart, clever and handsome.... so why not? After all, seeking out "my type" hasn't worked out in the past, so maybe trying


If you are talking to someone and after, I'd say... about a month... even two... it hasn't gone anywhere.... Meaning this someone doesn't really hang out with you... doesn't really take your calls, and only communicates with you online... I think it's safe to say you've either hit the all too famous "Friend Zone" OR you've basically headed to NoWhereVille. I'm basically saying that person has NO intention of moving forward with you. Even if they've entertained the idea, that's all it's been... entertainment. And that's all you've been.... entertainment. This should be clear to certain individuals... but unfortunately it's not. Apparently, my clueless friends... acquaintances... believe that "someone" is just taking it slow.... No honey. ESPECIALLY if that someone is female.... More than likely what they needed was an ego boost. The attention of another person to make themselves feel bett

Froggy Friday: Stalker Status

A couple of months ago, my BFF recommended a free dating site to help my bruised ego. So I joined this site, which I will not name for the sake of avoiding lawsuits. As a result of joining this site, I found a plethora of needy, desperate men. I did my best to weed them out but still got stuck with at least two that don't seem to go away. One of which is a paramedic. I think blocking his number was sufficient (finally) and I don't think I'll hear from him again. Also, he didn't give off the "crazy" signal. He just seemed to be looking for something I just couldn't offer him. Ironically, the other dude I had intended to write about today. We went on two dates. Between the first and second date we engaged in an unnecessary disagreement regarding how he was treating me as if I was his girlfriend. The dude was talking marriage after the second date.... and I politely let him know I was not interested. He basically told me that he hoped one da

Act Now!

The time to act is right now. Do you dream of traveling the world? Are you secretly in love with someone who doesn't know it? or simply crushing on someone who is clueless? Did someone offer you your dream job? Are you unhappy with the way you look or feel? What opportunity has presented itself to you? And have you hesitated even one second to snatch it right up? Is fear holding you back? Well, guess what! You're wasting your damn time!!!!! You need to tighten up your belt, wash the sleep from your face, freshen up and ACT on your goals, your dreams and all the ample opportunities the universe has offered you RIGHT NOW! Stop making excuses. Stop worrying about what other people think. There should be nothing and/or no one that can stop you. If you're tired of the way you look and feel, make a lifestyle change and re-evaluate your eating habits and add some physical activity into the mix. If you've been checking out the same dude/chick for th

Froggy Fridays: Bozo The Moocher

Imagine spending 14 years of your life... your "prime" years with blinders on. Never once really seeing the person you spend day in, day out with. His name was Bozo. A grown man who was living in his restaurant.  He was going through a messy time in his life until he came across Lynn. Lynn was a young woman in her early/mid-thirties with her shit together. After many difficulties in life, Lynn was way ahead of her game. With a full time job with the D.O.E. in NYC, her own place, and three teenagers, Lynn was ready to move on to the next step in her life. One cursed blessed day, Lynn and Bozo crossed paths. It was definitely a day of chance as Lynn wasn't one to go out much and she happened to be hanging out with her friend in the video store (remember those?) of which she worked. Bozo was a tall, balding man, 7 years Lynn's senior.  Not usually attracted to his type, Lynn was taken by his Leo charm and wit.  What she didn't know was that he reall


Mizisyen Bèl Mwen .... I thought of you today...  While I was listening to a song. I barely know you... I realize...  But I must say you left quite the impression. Everything from your smile, to your eyes, to your enthusiasm for life had me from the day we met. And my heart broke just a little bit when I thought I'd nearly lost you, even though I never had you. That incident opened my eyes...  Something changed in those few days. Somehow, I knew there was something that just wasn't right. And when I confirmed it, I had to let you go...  It didn't come from nowhere.  I had my valid and blatant reasons...  But... It wasn't easy.   It seems to hurt more when you know you have to give up something that feels so good at the moment but will only result in nothing good later on...  Still you forced your way into my life... again and again...  into my soul.   That was the worst part... That strange chemistry... That connection... Where did it come from? N


Every day I observe and experience the indirect jealousy of others. Instead of cheering you on when you progress, people will hate on you and everything you're about simply out of their own sheer unhappiness about themselves and the situations they've put themselves in. Lose weight? People will automatically assume that you're not eating or that you've had surgery. If they don't make those assumptions, they'll find other ways to attack you. They may say that you looked much better when you were obese or that you look older now that you're much healthier - and let's face it - sexier than they are. Get a promotion? They'll say you slept your way to the top, kissed someone's ass or tore people down into pieces to get to where you are. Get a new car? house? You must be selling drugs. Whatever it is, rather than cheer you on and make efforts to better themselves, these lazy haters would prefer to attempt to bring you down to