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I'm starting to wonder if being single is sufficient of an excuse to be an asshole.

If you're single, romantically wooing individuals left and right, telling them one thing... acting in an opposite manner and then throwing the "single" card in, does that give you a pass to be a jerk off? a dick? or a psychopath?

I'm single because I chooseto be.
I spent the Spring time dating several individuals... not making promises to any of them... being crystal clear to each of them that I was not looking for a relationship... and I wonder... did any of them view me as being a total bitch when I didn't want to commit to those looking for a relationship?
I know I hurt some feelings... because if they didn't outright tell me so, they're going out of their way to tell me now with their random late night hang up calls...
But I couldn't have been clearer on that first date when I said... "I'm just interested in meeting new people and making friends...&quo…

The Girl Code

The girl code has many rules... but the most important one is: 

If your friend has been there and done that, thou shall not go there too!

And I'm not talking Italy, peeps.  We're totally talking about the department of romance.  If your friend has tapped a someone, is speaking to someone, has any sort of romantic interest in someone, then you, being a friend, are expected to stay away.  Sadly, some chicks don't acknowledge this rule.  As a matter of fact, some women cross the line to the point of no return.

There are very, very few exceptions to the rule.  There are some women that claim to be totally okay with it if they've never had any serious relationship with the person of interest... I don't believe that's 100% true.  But to each is own.  Of course, if you don't really consider the other person a friend, or they're just an acquaintance and could care less if they ever talk to you again, that's acceptable, I guess.  Finally, if you have no idea…