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Date Night

To my single people... we all know that the universal date night is Friday night... unless your schedule is a little nuts. However, I'm referring to the average individual. Saturday nights are usually reserved for other plans with friends and family (unless you have no life) and Sundays are usually chore days. When meeting new people, we reserve Friday nights for them.  Why?  Many reasons. For most of us, it's the last day of the work week.  You get all pumped up and sometimes dressed up for work and it gives you something to look forward to later on. If the date goes well, the average person who is usually off on Saturday, will suggest the date go on for a little longer... and maybe they won't get home too early. If the date doesn't go well or you're just not sure about the other person, you have the excuse to say you're tired from such a long week and you can excuse yourself without making it look like you're an asshole.  Of course, some o

Froggy Fridays: Officer Needy

I  guess we could say he just fit my "type". He was about 6'3" in height... and huge. His arms were HUGE! and solid. Office Needy insisted we go out right away...  However, my work schedule was really getting out of hand, and I couldn't schedule anything that wasn't at least a week ahead of time.  I made it clear to him and he seemed to respect it. He had a vacation he'd already planned and told me he would reach out after he returned. Conversations with Officer Needy were normal enough.... I guess. True to his word, Officer Needy returned from his trip and we hung out the day after... He pulled up in his white 2013 - 4 door Scion Xb. A family car, I would say.... I underestimated his size.... I'm short and fun sized compared to him, so I felt very small and defenseless. I approached him expecting to get a hand shake and he goes for a hug...annnndddd attempts to kiss me (yep! on the lips... luckily I turned my head just in t

Froggy Fridays: Young Buck

Living in NYC, I get a ridiculous amount of thirsty men who feel the need to hit on me on a daily basis. I can wear pajamas with a hair net to the corner store and I can guarantee I'll get at least one dude to hiss at me. You'd think that it would end there, but nope.. it certainly doesn't! Apparently, the internet is another type of city so to speak. You get friend requests from people who happen to see your picture and think you're hot so they decide to "hiss" at you in a different way... I've gotten, "Hey sexy," "Let's be friends," etc etc. That would be fine and dandy if I were on a dating site. Well, okay, maybe not "dandy" but it would be the norm anyway. Here it is, I'm on a social networking site, staying in contact with friends and family, and some young dude is like, "..wait a minute, this chick is hot in that sexy green dress... lemme say what's up!"  And he totally sees nothing wron