Date Night

To my single people... we all know that the universal date night is Friday night... unless your schedule is a little nuts. However, I'm referring to the average individual.
Saturday nights are usually reserved for other plans with friends and family (unless you have no life) and Sundays are usually chore days.

When meeting new people, we reserve Friday nights for them.  Why?  Many reasons.

For most of us, it's the last day of the work week.  You get all pumped up and sometimes dressed up for work and it gives you something to look forward to later on.

If the date goes well, the average person who is usually off on Saturday, will suggest the date go on for a little longer... and maybe they won't get home too early.

If the date doesn't go well or you're just not sure about the other person, you have the excuse to say you're tired from such a long week and you can excuse yourself without making it look like you're an asshole.  Of course, some of us do that whole, "Oh I have to take this call" bit and here it is your bff is calling you to check to see if you need saving.  I'm too old for that, and that trick has been used too many times.

So traditionally, when you've gone on your first real date with someone, more than likely, it's been on a Friday.

The first date may have gone well and so you make the decision to see this person again while keeping your options open.

More than likely, you'd like to reserve Fridays for this person... but maybe they did or said something distasteful during the week.. and now you're rethinking giving them a Friday.  Now you're thinking, maybe I should move him/her to another day of the week and reserve Friday for a new someone.  Someone you've been communicating with on the sideline and may  have Friday potential.

What do you do?  You move #1 to the #2 position and give him Thursday.
What does a Thursday night date mean?
It means, you still have to work Friday.
It means, they get all of 1-2 hours of your company at best...
And it means, more than likely, they fucked up and will have to earn their rights to see you Friday again.
Shame on them.

The Thursday Night Date is now a chance for them to redeem themselves....
A chance to wow you if they really like you...
A chance for them to make you want to stay out later and get to work looking like a zombie the next day, possibly cancelling your now Friday night date.

Will they step up to the challenge or will they fade out?
Only Thursday night will tell....


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