Don't Settle

No matter how picky or selective people continue to accuse you of being... there is NO reason to settle.

Go after what you want even if it's exhausting... draining... Eventually, something has to give.

Something I've learned this year (on more than one occasion) is that when you find yourself settling for something or someone beneath your standards, you end up assed out.  That person you've "settled" for eventually realizes they're not truly up for the challenge and after you've attached yourself in some form, they find a way to opt out.  Because they can't take it... because they're insecure... and simply because they know in their heart of hearts... that even though they really wanted you to be... you are not for them to have... to keep.... to enjoy... and that, maybe, they should've continued their search and allowed you to continue yours.

When you've "settled" for a situation, that situation eventually starts to spiral out of control because it simply wasn't meant for you.  Because you've always felt a certain level of discomfort and it just doesn't quite fit.

I went out for drinks with a new friend earlier this week and he expressed a certain level of frustration because his friends were pressuring him to find someone.  A 36 year old, good looking, and incredibly intelligent man... Quite the catch, right?  I advised him that he should never settle.  He has so much going for him.  Never mind the fact that he gets wanderlust from time to time and is in no rush to have children... so what difference does it truly make for him?  He should be in NO rush to go out and find his soul mate.  While the yearning is there... and sometimes the loneliness creeps in... why not just enjoy the company of women who are right for now and... in his case.. allow for the right one to come along when they're both ready to receive one another?

My point is... when your soul hesitates.. when your mind hesitates.. when your heart hesitates... it's NOT for you... it's NOT meant to be... Keep moving and save yourself the trouble of the guaranteed heartache and struggles to follow.  Not because those struggles won't come anyway... but because those that you are settling for and what you are settling for are just not worth the trouble.


"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."
Nelson Mandela 


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