Omar & Tracy's Top 10 Sexual Pet Peeves

1 - Dudes that think they can buy Magnums when they're clearly NOT their size!

Man: "But they're so comfortable!"
Woman *thinking*: Because it's too big for you, ass!   It's a condom, not a sweatshirt!

2 - When dudes tell us, women, how we feel; We can communicate our feelings just fine!!! Thanks!

I don't recall y'all being able to read my mind! 

3 - When you dudes go on and on bragging about how size doesn't matter.  That it's the girth that matters....

      And here it is, YOU HAVE NEITHER!

4 - When one minute men brag about their head game... and it turns out it's only a tease since they can't even deliver!!!!

Extended Sexual Orgasm by Alan and Donna Brauer... It's a book... Go pick that shit up and learn how to control yourself.

5 - Men, women need cheerleaders during sex also!  A small little huff or puff or a small squeaky, "Ok I'm done," when you climax is insufficient.

A job well done is an order!!!!

6 - You men think "This happens to everyone," but you've been lied to.

Just admit that you're tired or stop offering your services to everyone that's willing to open their legs to you and trust me, you'll be at attention at all times.

7 - At our age in this point of time, you should know how to guide yourself!!! It's exasperating when you're searching and we have to constantly state "That's NOT it!!!!"

And what's worse is that sometimes it's NOT EVEN A HOLE!!!! 

8 - Just because I scream, that doesn't mean it feels good.

Do yourself a favor and ask a bitch.

9 - If you haven't had a threesome by now.... well, ain't that a bitch.  No one told you to waste your 20's.

I mean, at your age, you can barely satisfy ME... let alone another woman AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! 

10 - Just because you sent me a picture of your member and it looks big on your phone, doesn't mean it actually is!!!!!

If we're sending naughty pics... chances are, I'm going to see it in person eventually... why are you trying to play yourself?  Clearly, if we've reached a point where we're naked together, then I'm not going to worry about the size... I'm going to worry about delivery... See numbers 3 and 4.  Thanks! 


  1. Aubrey is playing in the same room and just asked me if that last picture is my grandma. lol

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