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People in life are so scared of rejection that no matter how nice they are at the core of their being, the ability to turn into an inconsiderate jerk is something that can happen in the blink of an eye.  We are all out there searching for the ultimate one for ourselves and we get so caught up in the amount of "like" individuals seeking the same thing, that we neglect to see what is right in front of us.  

When a situation occurs in which we believe a "better opportunity" has presented itself, (I.e this dude has no kids, he must be a better choice) we tend to completely disregard everyone else's feelings in pursuit of our own satisfaction (I.e. the girl who gave it up for me last week must be interested, rather than the one who had a little more respect for herself).  And we forget that this is what causes us pain in the long run. Because after all, karma is a bitch. 

Our search for the impossible becomes an obsession... A sort of addiction.  Having something in …

Tracy's Top 10 Online Dating Pet Peeves

1 - When your first message to me is "Hey sexy," or "Nice pic" or "Hey sweetheart...."

This to me is the equivalent of getting hissed at in the streets of New York... "Oye mami! 'to eso e tuyo".
If this is how you regularly pick up women, then please leave your catcalls from the streetwalkers... Thanks.

2 - When you can't spell simple words in your profile or messages to me...  ex: "I don't like my time waisted. Don't waist minez and I won't waist yours"... or "I meen to say that Imma I wanna a meeningfull relashionship."

A typo here and there is fine.  I understand you're not on your computer and you're simply using the app on your phone.... but why is every other word misspelled and why is your entire self description one very long run on sentence? 

3 - When the other party asks me to tell them about myself... I just wrote an entire paragraph about myself in my profile which you clearly did not…