Tracy's Top 10 Online Dating Pet Peeves

1 - When your first message to me is "Hey sexy," or "Nice pic" or "Hey sweetheart...."

This to me is the equivalent of getting hissed at in the streets of New York... "Oye mami! 'to eso e tuyo".
If this is how you regularly pick up women, then please leave your catcalls from the streetwalkers... Thanks.

2 - When you can't spell simple words in your profile or messages to me...  ex: "I don't like my time waisted. Don't waist minez and I won't waist yours"... or "I meen to say that Imma I wanna a meeningfull relashionship."

A typo here and there is fine.  I understand you're not on your computer and you're simply using the app on your phone.... but why is every other word misspelled and why is your entire self description one very long run on sentence? 

3 - When the other party asks me to tell them about myself... I just wrote an entire paragraph about myself in my profile which you clearly did not read. 

 What exactly do you want to know?  What my grandmother's birthday is?

4 - When the dude tells me how "amazing" or "beautiful" I am and then proceeds to ask me, "Why are you single?"

And how the hell do you answer that? Clearly, I'm single because I haven't met the "one," and so I choose to be single until I do. And if I don't... guess what! I will STILL BE SINGLE!! Now the REAL question is: Why are YOU single?

5 - Profile pictures!!! When all your pictures are group pictures and none specify who you are.  You must be the ugly one, right?

Why are you posing with a chick in all of your photos? It's a dating site!!!

And finally... I think this is self explanatory:

6 - When you write me like 10 messages because I haven't responded right away.

I'm sorry, I had a life before I joined this site... I'm looking for a partner to share my life with not someone to BECOME my life...

7 -When you contact me more than once like I'm a brand new person because you forgot I've already rejected you... or you ask me the same questions you've already asked me 2-3 other times but have forgotten because you're communicating with about 50 other women...

8 - When you have endless disclaimers on your page...

I.e. "Don't message me if you're boring...",  "Don't contact me if you're not over your ex...",  "Don't contact me if you're about drama...", "Don't contact me if you're negative...",  "Don't contact me if you're ugly..." "If you're skinny, don't message me..."... etc etc.

9 - When the first conversation goes from good to inappropriate within an  hour. 

For instance... I had a polite conversation with one guy about sports and from one moment to the next he was educating me on circumcision and why it's barbaric..

10 - When you want to exchange numbers after one or two messages...

I realize that's the "old fashioned" way of doing things, but let's be honest.  If you wanted to do things the old fashioned way, you wouldn't be online dating.


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