The Dating Scene

The dating scene has become incredibly impersonal.  People are easily disposable regardless of how you meet them... where you meet them... when you've met them and who've you met them through.  None of those factors matter at all anymore.

It doesn't make a difference how you meet people. People will still treat you like a tangible item.

Someone I once knew told me that he felt like the search for "the one" is useless these days.  He stated that you can meet a person today and hit it off and by tomorrow morning, they've decided you're not good enough and that's it. I advised him that I went out on TWO dates with one guy who claimed he was very interested and I never heard from him again.  I dated another man for about two months once who never let on that he was confused or losing interest until it was brought to my attention that he was still keeping his options open. And let's not get into a man I invested three years in who was busy investing his free time in about three other women (and let's not go further by mentioning the fact that he still reaches out to me on occasion). You never truly know who is doing what or with who or when or how until they can no longer hold on to their secret.

People will treat you the way they see fit regardless of the circumstances.  You are no more important to others than what they've let on.  If they spend time calling your dates "hang outs" or "meet ups", then it's likely you'll never have a chance becoming anything more to that person than what a stranger or a bum on the street is to them. At the end of the day, the only person that matters in the equation is them, how they feel & you are only an object to be treated only as such. Perhaps, solely for entertainment purposes... perhaps, because they are afraid of being alone. So while they aren't interested enough to make you their one and only, they instead allow their fear of abandonment to use you until they find someone who they believe will make a better companion. Leaving you to start over again and again and again.....

People no longer care about how they come across. They're more worried about how you are going to come across to them.  And sometimes their own insecurities just blind them to what they're passing up. This is why so many of us are single and claiming that we're satisfied with this life.  But are we really satisfied, when we're still going out there and searching and trying over and over and over with yet another....? 

Maybe the rest of us poor, stupid saps... aka hopeless romantics....seeking this love that we so long for can learn something from these ruthless individuals... not by becoming who and what they are but by keeping aware as to what we need to stay away from... If we can pick those predatory losers out from the rest, we may be better equipped to find one another and finally experience what we've been looking for our entire lives....


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