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Froggy Friday: The Mouth Rapist

I'm going to take a couple of minutes to tell you about the absolute worst date I've ever been on.  Yes, worse than the waving frog... or the needy frog... or other stories I have yet to tell.  This actually happened three months ago but I was too traumatized to write about it then... I'm in a good place now so here goes: Today's story is about the mouth rapist.  It may make you laugh... or horrify you... or both. Once upon a time, in a kingdom quite close to home... I was just about ready to give up. And maybe I should have. A green eyed frog who claimed to be 38 (later found out he was 43...) entered the picture.  He seemed very excited about life.  He stated he loved his job and his 9 year old daughter and everything life had to offer.  He was very enthusiastic throughout the conversational stage.  Eventually, this green-eyed frog asked me out on a date.  At this point, I was very reluctant to go anywhere with anyone.  I mean, you all know some of my stori

Believe In Love

I've been thinking a lot about how afraid people are of rejection. How something as minute as not getting affection on a second date may make people jump the gun and believe that the other party is not interested. Not realizing that the other party is just being cautious with their own feelings.   Or how there are people that believe that if they put their all into something right away, they will gain better results.  And when they realize they've captured someone's attention, they back off because they assume they've done enough or they've come to the conclusion that they weren't as interested as they initially thought they were. It's truly amazing how we allow our insecurities to get in the way of the opportunities that come our way. What would life be like right now if we would put all of those negative feelings aside and just believe that we deserve nothing but the best because we are all worth it. If we could just believe in our

Thirsty? or Sweet?

Today, I posted a little tidbit about how I feel that no matter how secure or confident a woman feels, she still needs to hear she is beautiful once in a while.  Some compliment, any compliment... really would do, as long as it's not inappropriate (i.e. you lookin bootylicious mami! ~ random dude on the street).  I, for one, appreciate hearing these things even when I already know them. My friend replied that unfortunately, half of his sex has ruined it for them because now when a man compliments a woman, it is viewed as "thirsty" aka desperate. "'re right." I said.  "I hear you, but I'm referring to the people we actively date." His reply was that even then by today's standards that's also considered thirsty and weak. I could've gone on a rant about how that's not entirely true based on what I have seen and what I know about men who don't bother complimenting the women they are with while spreading