Domino Effect

One of the biggest mistakes we, humans, make when making life decisions is that we tend to allow our feelings about one situation basically override our feelings for others. 

For instance, when our love lives go bad, most of us allow it to destroy our careers, education and sometimes, our physical health. We tend to over-eat or under-eat and totally forget to take care of ourselves. Simply, because we allowed one of many scenarios in our lives to overrule all the others.  We're sad, we're crying, we're angry, obsessive, we lack an appetite or only eat comfort foods, etc and all we do is think think think and feel feel feel what happened with that person right then and there, failing to see that a year later, that person, situation or circumstance will be the very last thing on your mind.

Next thing you know, you snap out of it and you're out of a job, you're broke and you look like a crackhead except you haven't had the pleasure of being under the influence and numbed from the dull pain of a deeply, profound heart ache the way drug addicts do.

If I've learned anything in the past year, it's how to separate my highly stressful work life from my love life. That's about it though. I still need to learn how to separate those two things from all the other factors in my life.  Still, I believe it's come in handy since I've managed to get a lot done in the past couple of weeks regardless of other things that weigh heavy on my heart and mind. 

I realize I make it sound easy, but it's taken me only 32 years to figure it out and I've nowhere near perfected this handy skill. 

Imagine being able to base a decision regarding a job based only about how you feel about that job, putting aside its location and how it may affect your family and/or friends. If you know that job will make you happy in the long run, wouldn't it be worth taking the job and figuring everything else out later on.  Of course, those of us who carry the responsibility of children have to put their interests before ours in most scenarios, but if the job entails relocating and your children are underage,  do they really get a choice? Kids adapt well, right? And as their parents, we should be able to help them adapt.

And what of our partners? How far do we have to take their feelings into consideration? Assuming this is a dream job that pays well, I guess, it depends on how happy it will make you and where they are in their lives. And trust that if that person makes you happy enough and you are legally bound to them, you may not need or want that job that much anyway.  Make sense?

My point is, we make life decisions every day and if something in our lives isn't living up to our standards, shouldn't we fix it or rid of it, rather than allow it to interfere with other aspects?


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