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Froggy Fridays: The Manipulative Marine

I thought I would never be writing another one of these... but I guess my Marine was a frog in disguise.  More like a toad actually...

After the Mouth Rapist, I made a decision that I shouldn't talk to anyone else.  That I should just resort to the fact that I'm supposed to be single and just carry on with my life.  Because my choices in men.... well, they were just getting worse.

I had been communicating with this newly turned 29 year old Marine.  And while he seemed really sweet, smart and handsome, I just knew he was too young.  See, this guy had just returned from the military only a couple of months prior... living with his parents, unemployed... planning on going back to school to eventually join the NYPD, divorced with a precious little girl that would be spending 2 months with him... While, I was ready to settle down.  Not to say that my situation is perfect, because it's not, but I have my shit together regardless, and I'm ready to stop playing games, fall in …

The Art of Malice

I will never, ever understand how some people in this world live with themselves knowing all the harm they've done to others.

It'll never ever sink into my brain, how it is that there are people walking around inflicting pain on others, never once thinking about the consequences... never stopping for a second to think that the people they've hurt are human beings just like they are.. and will be left with scars from all the damage they've caused.

I sit around daily... hourly sometimes... trying my hardest not to offend others... most especially those who don't know me very well... and here it is.. there are people out there that care so little about offending others that they go entirely out of their way just to hurt other people and make themselves feel important.

The moment I say anything harsh, I immediately feel bad about it even when it's deserved.  People who have wronged me have made me feel bad about the things I've said to them out of hurt and ang…

Fools In Love

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you were entirely blinded by all their bullshit and lies? That you fell into the hands of manipulation and allowed them into molding you to thinking and believing in them at all
times, regardless of the circumstances.So in love that your friends tried to warn you about them and yet, you chucked up their warnings to them feeling jealous or hating on what you and your mate have? The truest love, right? And then there was that one potential ex lover who seems to be scorned something awful, shows you proof of your mate's infidelity and yet... you chuck it up to them being crazy or obsessive because... well, who wouldn't be, right?  Your mate is absolutely perfect. Perfect for you and perfect all around. They are just... the prettiest girl you know... the handsomest man you know... someone whose arms you want to be forever in.... who you love to the moon and back... your baby... or babe, if you will.A fucking moron, if you will....N…