The Art of Malice

I will never, ever understand how some people in this world live with themselves knowing all the harm they've done to others.

It'll never ever sink into my brain, how it is that there are people walking around inflicting pain on others, never once thinking about the consequences... never stopping for a second to think that the people they've hurt are human beings just like they are.. and will be left with scars from all the damage they've caused.

I sit around daily... hourly sometimes... trying my hardest not to offend others... most especially those who don't know me very well... and here it is.. there are people out there that care so little about offending others that they go entirely out of their way just to hurt other people and make themselves feel important.

The moment I say anything harsh, I immediately feel bad about it even when it's deserved.  People who have wronged me have made me feel bad about the things I've said to them out of hurt and anger.  That's how much hurting others affects me... out of simply expressing my feelings about what they've done... That is one hell of a skill....

And something innate keeps me from entirely believing that a person can be so malicious.  That there is some reason, however bad, for why they've done what they've done... That they couldn't possibly want to see me or others like me suffer... But one thing I've learned, is that it doesn't matter.  Because the result is still the same.  It was a war I didn't realize I could never win.  And I've lost entirely.  Heart, soul and dignity.

Every single day..... every single hour... every single minute... second... there are people who are plotting against others... doing to others what they would never want in a millions years done to them.  Never once thinking that something worse can and will happen to them or those they love the most simply because they've put that out into the universe.

People are going around making the innocent pay for what was done to them.  Simply because they can. And then living with the knowledge of all they've done.  Denying their lies... manipulating their situations... omitting facts... deleting evidence... just so they can go about their days with not one guilty thought on their mind as to the damage they've caused.  Never thinking that it's a big deal, because it was just that one time, to that one person...

Leaving others to become like them or to simply bask in the pain they've caused.

How in the world do these people LIVE with themselves knowing what they've done and being okay with it as if they've done nothing? How?


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