The Magic is in the Makeup

Today my coworker, Ruby, showed me a video of an average looking woman who went into glamorous mode by applying about a pound of makeup on her face.  Actually, truthfully, the woman was below average, but I figured I'd be polite, because I'm quite positive that there are a couple of someones out there that would find her quite beautiful without the makeup even if I don't.

(No. That's not the same woman but a good example none the less)

Ruby was surprised by such a drastic change and I, on the other hand, explained to her that make up works wonders and as usual with my "know it all" demeanor, I proceeded to show her some examples.  There's even a No Doubt song (hence the title of this post) that expresses how make up can give you a mask to wear in a tough situation.... cover up the dark circles from all of your sleepless nights... hide the blemishes... the scars... the bruises... every single imperfection.

I was never one to wear a lot of makeup.  I go through spurts, and enjoy playing with colors every once in a while and have to admit that I'm thankful for my former friend, Sonia's skills.  Watching her put on her own makeup taught me not only what colors do NOT go together, but how to blend eye shadows.  And now we have YouTube and Instagram with tutorials that show us all of the do's and don't's.  So makeup is like a little hobby I treat myself to once in a blue moon for the occasional selfie...

But as you can see by my default picture, I feel most comfortable without it.  It's gotten to the point that I pretty much just use eyeliner, bronzer (when I'm pale.. and right now that's not the case) and some sheer lip gloss.  I realize that wearing makeup sometimes enhances our features, but most of the time, I don't have anything to hide.  If I wanted to hide my freckles, I would need about a pound for that alone.  If I wanted to hide all of my other imperfections that I would rather not expose in a blog post as some of you who know me personally have not even noticed... then a little foundation goes a long way.  But who has time for foundation, concealer, lip liner, lipstick, eye brightener, finishing powder, bronzer, 5 different eyeshadows, mascara and two different eye liners?  Certainly not me!

See?  I'd rather do my hair.

I remember about a year ago, I went to brunch with Sonia, Omar and company and when we were posing for some pictures, Sonia reprimanded me for not wearing a stitch of makeup.  Her words to me were, "I know you're feeling yourself lately, but geez, you need makeup."  With all the insults that girl has ever thrown at me, I'd become immune and I shrugged it off.  Later that day, I remember thinking, if I can feel this good without having to hide my face behind a mask, then who cares what anyone else thinks about my face?

What are YOU trying to hide?
Your own insecurities?  Don't you know nothing can hide those when they are so blatantly visible to the public by your actions?
Don't you know that make up will never make an ugly person beautiful?
And better yet, that ugliness is something that seeps out through your pores.
That no matter how physically beautiful you are with or without the pounds of gob on your face, if you don't have a soul to match, you'll never get the real look you are trying to achieve.

And if you FEEL beautiful, shouldn't that be enough to make you beautiful?
If you rely on the magic in the makeup, what does that really say about you?
What are you left with after you take it all off?


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