Today, I was opening this sinister envelope and managed to slice the hell out of my hand.
It was a shallow paper cut but it still bled and will leave a mark for a couple of days until it's completely healed over.

What's really bothersome is that because it's right on the palm of my hand, it's going to take just a little longer to heal than normal because I wash my hands frequently.  So every single time my hand hits the water, I will be reminded by an irritating sting on my hand that just won't go away.

Paper cuts are probably the most annoying minor injury you can get.  When they're first inflicted, it feels like you've been sliced by a knife.  But when you see that it's a mere cut, followed by a drop of blood, maybe two, and a bit of a sting, you are only left with annoyance.  While they heal fast, it's just so easy to cut yourself up time and time again by simply opening a book and flipping a page... or ripping open an envelope...

I've been thinking a lot about another kind of sting.  One not as painful but just as annoying being that I've tried to avoid it.  One that was inflicted upon me "accidentally".... While I've been utilizing different methods to manage this tiny and sickly delicious injury, it seems like my emotions will continue to wash over it just as water washes over a fresh paper cut.  A constant reminder that it's there.... Unlike a paper cut it's not simply something that will go away.  It's a sort of savory injury that is painful but a beautiful reminder of what I want most out of life. It can't be treated.  It can only be left to heal on its own.  I secretly prefer it didn't.  Much like a paper cut, its one you don't see coming and do your best to avoid until you just can't.

No matter how hard you try, you can't avoid it just as you can't avoid picking up a book, holding a sheet of paper, or ripping open an envelope. No matter how hard you try.

It's always bound to happen eventually.


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