Writer's Overload

I've been experiencing this strange craze lately where all I want to do is write.  Unfortunately, it hasn't translated into all the work related writing I should be doing.... that I am so very backed up on.

No, what I have is writer's overload.  Rather than my typical bout of writer's block where months fly by without a word from me... now, I just want to write about anything and everything.  I guess it's the best way for me to express myself without really having to confront anything head on.  Sort of an escape from the realities of the things I actually have to deal with.

Well, I guess if I can't physically run away, I might as well do it mentally.

I realize that this overload correlates entirely to the way I'm feeling.
What I mean to say is that I am currently on this extreme roller coaster of emotions and all I want to do is let all of my thoughts pour out right out of my mouth... and rather than put myself out there so candidly... I've taken the safer way out.

The problem with that, is just like in my every day life, I still have to filter what I say both out loud and in my posts so as not to offend the wrong people and/or develop some kind of misunderstanding... as is common with me being that I have such a hard time properly expressing myself with my mind on this overload.

On the bright side, some of my greatest pieces of work here on this very little known blog, have been born out of my crazy ideas and my overwhelming feelings.

So here it is, my most loyal readers, I may have posts for you almost every day.  That should keep all 5 of you readers happy for a little while.


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