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NO Means NO

When someone says NO, take their word for it. If they say, "I don't want this." They don't want it. If they say, "I will never blah blah blah again...." Whatever that "blah" is.... they mean it. Even if somewhere underneath all of it, they don't... just trust in that moment, that they do. And if you see them in the future with someone else doing all the things they said they never wanted... it's true. It doesn't make it less true because they are currently involved with someone else. They probably didn't want those things specifically with you and it very simply was not meant to be. It could've been timing as well... The thing is, it wasn't going to be because it couldn't be forced. Always take someone's word for what it is. Do not allow your own thoughts and feelings to alter what has been said to mean something else. People don't change their mind about things once they have set out for something

Miss 20something

I keep seeing these posts on a popular social network of this very particular, moronic, early 20-something year old and it gets under my skin to no end. I'm not going to go into too many details, but it's super irritating not only to see her posts weekly but to see that she deletes them after realizing (at least that's what I think) that she's just plain dumb. What exactly irritates me about her besides the plethora of attention she gets while not really being all that attractive? That she reminds me of me. She goes out of her way to sound educated, and ends up sounding like a complete idiot. And I look at her age - barely legally able to drink - and I think back... did I sound that fucking stupid? I think that there are times at this age, 10 years her senior, that I do. And if I sound that inept now, imagine her words... her lack of vocabulary and the way she butchers her grammar in hopes of sounding like someone wise beyond her years.... It's


One of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to meeting the new, is allowing the old affect the way we engage with the new. While our pasts give us some valuable lessons, that shouldn't change the way we look at the world or the way we handle everyone around us.  It is unfair not only to  us, but possibly to those that don't deserve that sort of treatment. Usually, a woman scorned becomes heartless. A bitch with no mercy. A woman who is ready to chew up the next 10 men and spit them right out. And somehow feel justified for her actions, simply because she was hurt before. A man who has been deeply hurt will stop caring. To the point that everyone who comes along will pay for those before them. A womanizer, a soulless piece of shit. A monster... And somehow he feels justified because he was hurt before. Readers, I've been plenty...... PLENTY... scorned in the past. In the recent past... in the distant past... all over the place... with the past that does