NO Means NO

When someone says NO, take their word for it.
If they say, "I don't want this."
They don't want it.

If they say, "I will never blah blah blah again...."
Whatever that "blah" is.... they mean it.
Even if somewhere underneath all of it, they don't... just trust in that moment, that they do.
And if you see them in the future with someone else doing all the things they said they never wanted... it's true.
It doesn't make it less true because they are currently involved with someone else.
They probably didn't want those things specifically with you and it very simply was not meant to be.
It could've been timing as well...
The thing is, it wasn't going to be because it couldn't be forced.

Always take someone's word for what it is.
Do not allow your own thoughts and feelings to alter what has been said to mean something else.
People don't change their mind about things once they have set out for something.

No means no.
It doesn't matter if that person's actions contradict their words.
If they show you affection, it's a momentary act.  A feeling.
An impulse.
Not a permanent act that means, "I've changed my mind."
They haven't.

No means no.
Attempting to "rape" someone else's thoughts, feelings, emotions with your own, will only leave you highly disappointed.
You'll find yourself invested in something that no one else has any intention of investing in.

That doesn't make that person bad.
Not at all.
They could be amazing... they just can't help how they feel just the same as you not being able to help how you feel.
What this does, is teach you a valuable lesson.
When people state something with fervor, that is what they mean in that moment.
Say what you mean, mean what you say.
That's what they're doing.
Clouding your own judgment with your own feelings... regardless of what the other person is showing you... that means nothing.

No means no.

And if they've already told you what is, or isn't.
Again.... Take their word for it.
Only listening to what you want to hear... for the sake of feeling more than you should is an injustice to yourself.
We don't speak different languages, we just choose to hear what we want to hear.
If they've laid all their cards on the table... there's no need to question what's there.
It's what they want, or don't want... and that's basically it.

Those instantaneous feelings of emotions you carry, aren't necessarily shared.
Remember that.

No means no.


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