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Froggy Fridays: The Psychopath

I don't know why, but I have been inspired to write about a frog that I engaged in a very, very, very short lived situationship early on last year (2013).   I've allowed myself to write this because I know he doesn't read this anymore.  Which means his ego can't possibly become any more inflamed. He loved my posts.  And he was dying to be written about.  I wrote a little blurb here or there about him but nothing important enough to give him the fame he so desperately seeks as the struggling musician that he claims to be. The Psychopath to start off with, was a goat.  (See previous blog written last year: Goats).   He was totally everything negative about the goat - self centered, selfish, lacked empathy, narcissistic... need I go on?  I'm positive he ranked at an all time high on the Levenson Psychopathy Scale.  The Psychopath, as mentioned before, was a musician.  He played bass for his band and even wrote and produced some of their unpopular music. He

The Problem with Honesty

We all claim we want honesty... bluntness... straight up realness. But when we get it, we run from it like it's some sort of plague. We shrivel up within ourselves.. push people away... and hide in our pillow and blanket caves and call it a wrap! Whether it's from friends or lovers. True, blatant, straight to the point, poignant honesty is a weapon of mass destruction. Okay, perhaps I'm tapping into my dominant over dramatic side. But it's true. I remember a couple of years ago, I told someone I once considered a good friend that she was making a mistake in her situation and that I didn't want to be part of it.  I told her that I wasn't comfortable attending her event with certain other people who were going to be present and that I couldn't understand how she was inviting people she barely knew and, yet, thinking of shunning those who she was actually close to. Instead of really paying attention to what I was saying, she claimed she didn't u

Now's The Time

A friend of mine recently posted a blurb on one of our many social networks stating that he was going to write a list of things he wants to accomplish now.  He said he doesn't believe in new year's resolutions and never has and that there is no better time to get something done then to start right away. I couldn't agree with him more. I've made a decision recently that briefly threatened to turn my world upside down if only momentarily. It was easily the scariest decision I've ever made in my entire life.  But one that will stick. I cannot disclose the decision just yet but have already started writing a post about it for next week. What I can say for now is that I'm tired of waiting for tomorrow to make things better. Tomorrow to fix something that is broken. Tomorrow to start something new. Why not start right away? Regardless of the risk. Everything we do, every choice we make in life involves some sort of risk. Either we'll lose something,

Back to Black

I have been struggling with my feelings something awful for the past couple of weeks. Trying to convince myself that I don't feel what I know I do, that I'm not thinking what I know I am. It's been awhile since I've been on this kind of emotional roller coaster. Different from the usual because there's no conniving involved this time but I'm experiencing something that's not secure. I can barely trust myself. And being unable to trust my own feelings is absolutely terrible. I have had so many moments in the past two weeks in which I've wanted to say so much right from the heart that I just can't. While so many would encourage me to speak up, it's impossible when you know that if you say what's in your heart you may end up sabotaging everything. Instead, I've been watching myself lose that weak grip I have with these situations and it has me feeling so very sad at times.  If you have to fight so hard internally to hold on to som