Froggy Fridays: The Psychopath

I don't know why, but I have been inspired to write about a frog that I engaged in a very, very, very short lived situationship early on last year (2013).  

I've allowed myself to write this because I know he doesn't read this anymore.  Which means his ego can't possibly become any more inflamed. He loved my posts.  And he was dying to be written about.  I wrote a little blurb here or there about him but nothing important enough to give him the fame he so desperately seeks as the struggling musician that he claims to be.

The Psychopath to start off with, was a goat.  (See previous blog written last year: Goats).  

He was totally everything negative about the goat - self centered, selfish, lacked empathy, narcissistic... need I go on?  I'm positive he ranked at an all time high on the Levenson Psychopathy Scale. 

The Psychopath, as mentioned before, was a musician.  He played bass for his band and even wrote and produced some of their unpopular music. He gave off this positive vibe fiercely when I first met him.  A goat with flare! Funny guy.  And somewhat of a genius.  I don't mean the Einstein type.  More like the "manipulative gift of gab" type.

Looking back, I now know that he was all sorts of dark and twisted on the inside.  The goat was only the second person I met off of a dating site.  It took me more than a month to agree to meet with him.  Always listen to your instinct, ladies and gentlemen!!

You see..... this psychopathic goat was very big on flattery.  
"Mu├▒eca bella!" he would call me via text, claiming that was my name on his contact list.

The time came for us to meet, since I put it off for so damn long... and there he was.
Tall and slim. 
Greenish, chameleon eyes... crazy hair... bright smile.
Full of energy.  
Different than what I'm used to.
Not at all my type ... not even his style was my type.  
This guy clearly spent too much time in the mirror... not that he was pretty.

He had his own style and he needed to because he really wasn't all that attractive underneath it all.

Mr. Cool.

He was very much focused on creating this whole other persona for the stage.  
His eyes and his cologne were pretty much all that drew me in physically. His cologne had this sweet, wood smell that was very unique to him.

I hopped into his car, and off we went.  
He picked us up some sandwiches and found a spot at a beach nearby where we sat and ate our sandwiches.  It was early Spring 2013, so it was still cool outside, but a nice day none the less.  The date lasted all of about 90 minutes.
But in those 90 mins was probably one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had up to that point.

This dude basically spun his web around me and dizzied me into thinking... "Wow, this one is different...."
Something about this simple little date was impressive.  
And totally contradicted how complicated he, himself, was.
It made it seem as if this guy actually wanted to get to know me.

We set up a time to meet up the following week. 
I was apprehensive because I wasn't ready to really like anyone at the time and didn't want any attachments. He gave the impression that he was looking for something substantial and I wasn't.  
As our 2nd date got closer, I told him I didn't really want to meet up but he convinced me to anyway.
The day arrived and I got very sick suddenly while at work... 

Shortly after, I scrolled through Instagram, and his page (which was supposed to be his band page)... had a picture of him posted stating he was in the hospital due to having been in a motorcycle accident. 

I reacted quickly as I usually do. 
I tried reaching out to his family, friends.  We had someone in common, ironically, and she also tried to reach out but nothing.
Considering the year I had had at the time (just having recovered from The Lowest of Them All), I thought that maybe it was a sign I shouldn't be dating at all.  

Quite suddenly, he.... "recovered"... but was kept at the hospital a couple of days so they could run some tests.  When he had supposedly woken up from a short coma, his hospital information had been posted on his band page in case people wanted to drop by.  I had a small medicine plant sent to him (so we know he really was in the hospital).  I almost made arrangements to go see him.  It's just how gullible I am, I guess. But when I finally heard from him, he told me there was no need, because he was being released shortly. 

The day after his release, he was already driving around and making his rounds and he dropped by my place in order to thank me for the plant.  He even brought me some chocolates (that I'm now pretty sure someone else gave him...).  He was supposed to come by during the afternoon and didn't show up for 8 hours. 

If you know me, you know how much I loathe waiting on someone.  But being that he just came out of the hospital, I let it go... We had a nice... short visit..... in which he explained what landed him in the hospital.  Apparently, he ate something or drank something while he was in DR a couple of weeks back and it caused an inflammation around his heart.  He'd received some sort of notice from the IRS as well that caused him stress, and that's how he ended up in the ER.  He said that his blood pressure rose, he got sick and when he made it to the hospital, he passed out.  I told him I thought I saw something about him being in a motorcycle accident but he avoided my question/statement and continued telling his story... I thought it was strange and stored that in the back of my mind for a short while.

I saw him later on in the week and again, the visit wasn't more than maybe an hour... and after that extra short visit, I had the only feeling in my gut that I needed to say goodbye to this one. 
I tried to tell him to go away.  He was surprised asking me what he did wrong and asked to be friends and I said I didn't think it was a good idea.  I was really unnerved by this guy and I couldn't put my finger on it.  He seemed cool and nice and somewhat sweet but there was just something sooo very off.

And that's when I noticed he was posting things on IG about being all over the world... while I knew he was still roaming around Long Island and Brooklyn.  Saying he was in Peru, when really he was just down the block... lying to his "fans."  And his "fans"... lets not get started on those hoes.  All looking for a way into fame...  which he really had yet to achieve himself.  

This was about the time I figured out he probably posed for that hospital picture from earlier and had a friend post it from his phone being that he's the only one who accesses his band's IG page.... 

We ended up staying in contact and I decide it's best we just stay platonic friends.  I still liked him somewhat but my soul kept me quite aware with anxiety that this guy was no good.

Every time he would come over, his visits were shorter and shorter.  Eventually, he stopped coming inside the house and only meeting me outside.  

And then... one day... out of nowhere... he sends me a video of himself... jerking off.  
At first, I thought maybe he was mistaken.  Because at that point we had no romantic involvement.  
But no.  He meant to send the video and didn't think anything of it, even after I insulted him in the worst possible way.  He ends up apologizing but his advances don't stop.  

Somehow, some way, I was pulled in again months later.... 
I don't remember exactly how, except that I remember starting to just focus on myself.  
Going in hard at the gym. 
Distracting myself with work and small getaways....
Dating other losers and crazies.
Still the Psychopath and I remained in touch.  

The last time I saw him, he tells me about how he just started watching the show Dexter and that he relates so much to the main character because he knows how to remove himself from a situation without feeling anything.  I remember him clearly saying that he wouldn't get joy from physically hurting someone but that he enjoys toying with people and manipulating them to see what happens. Because to him, "life is a carnival." He said if he could place everyone in a room and manipulate the circumstances just so he could sit back and amuse himself, he would. 

I think it was some form of entertainment for me to remain on speaking terms with this guy because he started talking about how he was a part of this devil worshipping cult that many powerful people are currently involved in... Then he tells me he is joining the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn... or something like that... serious demonistic nonsense and asks me if I want to join.  

He claims he wants to summons Satan and ask him for powers, etc.  And when I tell him I'm not really into that, he points out some saints I have collecting dust in my home.  I had to explain to him that what he considered an alter was really just a collection of Catholic saints left behind by someone close to me and that I don't do anything but clean them and the area around them once in a while.  

For a couple of months he insisted that I join him and I continued to refuse.  
Then once in a while he would go out of his way to do something odd. 
Twice he contacted me on the dating site we met off of pretending to be his brother.  
I still don't understand the point of that but it is what it is.  

Eventually, we just stopped talking and he started dating someone seriously....
Well, seriously is a term I use loosely... 
He was still trying to pick women up off of OKC but his relationship with this Shakira look-alike was public to his fans.

And shortly after making it official... guess who I hear from? 
He sends me a message on WhatsApp asking to pick me up and bring me back to his new place which happens to be in my neighborhood so he could make me dinner.  
I expressed that I was aware he was dating someone (and I was actually seeing someone myself but he didn't need to know that) and he brushed it off as if it were nothing.  

Needless to say, I didn't go and thankfully, I haven't heard from him since. 

And the lesson this frog taught me that actually stuck?

Instinct is everything. 


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