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Sometimes we waste way too much energy on the wrong things. The wrong jobs, the wrong friends, the wrong everything. We want something so basic that when we seek it, we forget to exclude all of the things we don't want, and end up with a hot mess of stress, anxiety and sometimes even drama.  Too much of our life is spent on jobs we hate, people who don't appreciate us, and living within uncomfortable circumstances all around. What we always neglect to realize is it just takes one small decision and we can just simply walk away and start over.  But then there's that chronic fear of the unknown.  Fear that things will be the same or worse... that people will continue to disappoint us or not appreciate us enough... fear that the next job will be more excruciating then the last and fear that we will never find what we're looking for. If only we could stop wasting so much time on being scared and more time focusing on the what if's we would prefer: What if I did

Sex Sells, Own Up To It

Today, I came across something that just irked the hell out of me. To be frank, it's not the first time and it certainly won't be the last. It was this dumb ass post... Here's the problem. This SAME girl, uses waste trainers, posts half naked pics, and her lips were not always as luscious as she portrays.... Never mind how poor her grammar is... I am absolutely sick and tired of how poorly this new generation of young women are representing the rest of us as a whole.  And what's worse are those who encourage them when really all they want to do is crawl into their undies. What are these women doing that's so irritating, you're wondering? They're posting picture after picture of themselves half naked, or completely naked, in bed... standing in front of a mirror etc etc, then following with a post about how they don't need a man or want a man... posting about how fake other women are... posting about how real and independent they are... Bas

Today's Epiphany

I was talking to my "Boricua twin" sister today... and at some point I said something to her regarding working at one job and then running off to the next, where she asked if the two were related. It was a simple question but what she didn't realize was that there was so much meaning behind the question she asked that just set a million thoughts into action. I recently made the big decision to quit my full time job based on many, many reasons but ultimately leading to a huge one... everything about it makes me unhappy.  It doesn't contribute to anything good about my life.  It just stresses me out and doesn't even pay me enough for the type of stress and responsibility it requires. In the process, reality struck in which I realized that I am going to be jobless very soon.  With this thought, I became anxious which is the norm for me, and I jumped at the very first opportunity that came my way.  A regular run of the mill retail job.  While the work is min