Sometimes we waste way too much energy on the wrong things.
The wrong jobs, the wrong friends, the wrong everything.

We want something so basic that when we seek it, we forget to exclude all of the things we don't want, and end up with a hot mess of stress, anxiety and sometimes even drama.  Too much of our life is spent on jobs we hate, people who don't appreciate us, and living within uncomfortable circumstances all around.

What we always neglect to realize is it just takes one small decision and we can just simply walk away and start over.  But then there's that chronic fear of the unknown.  Fear that things will be the same or worse... that people will continue to disappoint us or not appreciate us enough... fear that the next job will be more excruciating then the last and fear that we will never find what we're looking for.

If only we could stop wasting so much time on being scared and more time focusing on the what if's we would prefer:

What if I did find my dream job...
What if I could find genuine people to socialize with....
What if I could just live where I want to live without ever worrying about cost or location...

Then maybe we run the risk of actually being happy... being at peace with our decisions.
And where's the fun in that?
We'd no longer be stressed with the things we can't change.
We'd no longer have the same people to argue with.

If we took the same amount of energy focusing on who and/or what matters, then what we usually use on who and/or what doesn't, we'd be way ahead of the game and beyond successful.
Think about it.


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