Sex Sells, Own Up To It

Today, I came across something that just irked the hell out of me.
To be frank, it's not the first time and it certainly won't be the last.

It was this dumb ass post...

Here's the problem.
This SAME girl, uses waste trainers, posts half naked pics, and her lips were not always as luscious as she portrays.... Never mind how poor her grammar is...

I am absolutely sick and tired of how poorly this new generation of young women are representing the rest of us as a whole.  And what's worse are those who encourage them when really all they want to do is crawl into their undies.

What are these women doing that's so irritating, you're wondering?
They're posting picture after picture of themselves half naked, or completely naked, in bed... standing in front of a mirror etc etc, then following with a post about how they don't need a man or want a man... posting about how fake other women are... posting about how real and independent they are...
Basically, playing themselves because if any of this were true, they wouldn't feel the need to constantly post pics of their asses and boobs for the world to see.

And here's the thing.
I'm not hating.
Most of these girls are physically beautiful.
Good for them!!! Show off all of your assets if it makes you feel better!
Who cares?

But they are clearly dumb as fuck if they believe anyone with half a brain is buying their spiels on how independent, unique and real they are.

Because if they were truly as confident or half as intelligent as they claim... then they wouldn't need to post half naked selfies.

And they sure as hell wouldn't be hating on their more popular counterparts who are actually being truthful with themselves and their fans while posting their butts and boobs made of silicone trying to make it in the sex industry or as a model or any other part of the entertainment industry.

Because let's be honest.
Sex sells.
At least those women are trying to make a living.
Not posting some nonsense about how they're NOT trying to make a name out of posting body parts out in the open... while doing so with a filter and no professional input.

But I'm just saying.

End Rant.


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