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Barely Alone

"You're born alone, you die alone." Stop the bullshit. I'm tired of hearing it. Yes, we do a lot of things in life 100% alone. But to use that as a justification to isolate ourselves and push others away are absolutely the most ridiculous and self sabotaging acts ever. Unless you appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the woods with no other human beings in sight as a new born baby... you were not born alone. You may absolutely, positively die alone if you make the decision to live alone forever or if by chance you have a freak accident, some health problem you didn't know about, etc etc. That is a lot more likely. But to go through life truly believing that you are alone and have done everything alone without even one other person present to help you in some way, whether emotionally, financially, physically... that's utter bullshit. You may FEEL alone. But you are not actually alone. We CHOOSE to do things alone. To go on some type of journe

The Back Up Girl

"No man is ever truly single." Wise words from an old friend once. She had recently broken up from what was the love of her life at the time and she was analyzing her entire situation over and over again and trying to figure out how her ex could move on so quickly when she remembered the phrase her friend had shared with her. Looking back at it now, I remember her statement being like this huge moment of enlightenment then and a huge slap in the face. While there are men who are alone, who know how to be alone, etc, we're focusing on the vast majority who don't know how to be alone regardless of what they claim. These men always have a "back up." Someone they turn to when things aren't working well with the person they are with or just dating. The moment they feel they can't speak to the person they're with due to a fight or separation they nearly immediately, almost tripping over their feet, run to the bitch they've been keeping i

Blog Therapy

Blogging to me is a freeing experience. It's a way to spill all those repressed thoughts in my head dying to come out. It's a way to vent. I do not write with intentions to touch or inspire. I do not write because I somehow believe I'm full of a wisdom I need to share. I write because it's what I've been doing since I was about 10 years old. Writing furiously in journals about my thoughts, my dreams, and just life in general. I wrote stories, I wrote experiences, I just wrote about everything I could. And then there were periods in which I didn't. Writer's block, dry spells... whatever you want to refer to them as. My point is that I'm not trying to make money off of this little gig. I am not trying to compete with anyone. I am not trying to really do anything but release. When I read other blogs at times and see how narcissistic some people are about their lack of common sense and intelligence, I can't help but raise an eyebrow (Dwa

Singled Out

For most of my life, I've been single. Yes, I've had 2... almost 3... long term relationships with dead ends, but really, I've pretty much still been viewed as the single.... spinster type. And, of course, I've dated a multitude of frogs with no real hopes for any future. While I've craved the joys of snuggling up to someone on a daily basis as do couples married or simply living together... and this thing called love....   The things I don't crave are the daily bickering, arguing, the usual insecurities that follow us from previous relationship baggage we lull around endlessly, hoping it will just spill out behind us permanently without a second look... The list can go on and on. I don't shit on all of that. And I endlessly and hopelessly try, try again regardless of all the failures I've had and clearly, continue to have. It's part human nature and the loneliness that sometimes accompanies it, and it's part societal standards and followi