Barely Alone

"You're born alone, you die alone."

Stop the bullshit.
I'm tired of hearing it.
Yes, we do a lot of things in life 100% alone.
But to use that as a justification to isolate ourselves and push others away are absolutely the most ridiculous and self sabotaging acts ever.

Unless you appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the woods with no other human beings in sight as a new born baby... you were not born alone.
You may absolutely, positively die alone if you make the decision to live alone forever or if by chance you have a freak accident, some health problem you didn't know about, etc etc.
That is a lot more likely.

But to go through life truly believing that you are alone and have done everything alone without even one other person present to help you in some way, whether emotionally, financially, physically... that's utter bullshit.

You may FEEL alone. But you are not actually alone.

We CHOOSE to do things alone.
To go on some type of journey in order to grow, to learn, etc, alone is a CHOICE.
It is not something that merely happens.
Utter bullshit.
And I guarantee that it is highly unlikely you will get very far without the minimal support from some friend, family member or acquaintance who may be useful to you for at least a moment's time.

I am a grown woman.
I have completely and entirely supported my damn self with NO financial assistance from anyone in at least 9 years.
I finished putting myself through school.
I searched for work alone, successfully with no assistance from anyone.
I have paid my own rent and bills all by myself.
To say, however, that I've been alone is laughable.
To say that I've felt alone is more than accurate.

To attempt to place any claim that I have lived my entire life alone and that I will be on my path alone at all times.
That is a choice.

If you ride your path alone, you decided to do so.
You've turned others away.
You've convinced yourself that you needed no help (even if you did).
You did it to yourself.
You will only ride your path alone if you CHOOSE to do so.

There is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS someone willing AND able to offer you their presence at a moments notice even if you are blinded to who and what is there.
It may not be the person you expected, wanted or even felt you needed.
But there is someone there.
Open your eyes.
And stop the bullshit.


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