The Back Up Girl

"No man is ever truly single."

Wise words from an old friend once.
She had recently broken up from what was the love of her life at the time and she was analyzing her entire situation over and over again and trying to figure out how her ex could move on so quickly when she remembered the phrase her friend had shared with her.

Looking back at it now, I remember her statement being like this huge moment of enlightenment then and a huge slap in the face.

While there are men who are alone, who know how to be alone, etc, we're focusing on the vast majority who don't know how to be alone regardless of what they claim.

These men always have a "back up."
Someone they turn to when things aren't working well with the person they are with or just dating.
The moment they feel they can't speak to the person they're with due to a fight or separation they nearly immediately, almost tripping over their feet, run to the bitch they've been keeping in communication with "just in case."

I'm not 100% sure why this happens.
All I know is that it is true of every single individual I've ever dated in my life.
Yes. In my entire life.

That doesn't necessarily mean they were cheating or doing dirt.
Again, it's one of those things they may not be aware they're doing and may not even think anything of it.
But they still do.

The moment the person they're dating becomes hard to reach out to, the moment that other person is easier to attain.

Next thing you know, they're dating that next girl and you're sitting there wondering wtf...
And of course, if this person has genuine feelings for you, you may hear from them again, whether that other person is still in or out of the picture.
But if they don't... well, it's their turn.

What's ultimately nuts about this, is when you start to suspect that there may be something for you to worry about and you express these feelings in any way, they tell you that you need to be more confident.  That you need to trust them.  That you have nothing to worry about and that you're in no competition with anyone.  But that's what they'll have you believe.  It's the same with all of these types.   Because at the end of the day, what you have to offer them is not enough.  They need that extra oomph from that girl with the bigger boobs, tanner skin, and longer hair.

If you're sitting there reading this and having an epiphany about your boy's "homegirl" then yes, I encourage you to run with it.
She's the one who comforts him and strokes his ego when he feels he most needs it.
Why else do you think he only texts her on WhatsApp, Skype and Kik?
I mean, unless he's gone out of the country (which it's likely he hasn't as of late)... then why are these apps still on his phone?


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