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Not So Bad

For those of you who actually communicate with me on a regular basis, you know that I've taken a long much needed vacation from work. When I say vacation... I mean, I quit that God forsaken job I had for nearly 4 years. I let go of something that was making me miserable ultimately. I'm not going to get into the details because it's really not even worth talking about. We'll just say that while work with my teenage clients was actually fun and sometimes even rewarding, all the other nonsense that had to get done was totally not worth the stress. I've been unemployed since mid December. And the first couple of weeks were heaven.  Plain and simple. Sleeping in... doing whatever I wanted. Going to the gym whenever I wanted. Not worrying about annoying clients calling me at all hours of the day. Not worrying about getting texts regarding nonsense that I couldn't really do anything about while on actual vacations... etc etc. Let's just leave it at tha


It is 2015 and the infamous self photograph aka the "selfie" has caught the world by storm.  People taking pictures of themselves in mirrors all over their homes and neighborhoods.  People taking pictures of themselves in the bathroom, in the shower, on the toilet, in the kitchen, eating, cooking, etc etc.  It's become a crazy fad.  I poked fun at the infamous selfie when it first became a thing, but when I started to play with my previous phone settings, I embraced the selfie and became a bit of a selfie whore myself.  To the point that for a while I was taking selfies almost every day.  I can't help myself... I have been looking pretty awesome these last 2-3 years..... Gotta capture these moments now, nah mean? I'm not sure why everyone else loves selfies, so I'm only going to speak for myself.  You can basically adjust everything from the lighting to the way your eyes look.  You can take 50 of the same picture and choose the perfect one out of all of


To accept blame for one's actions. To take responsibility for the things you could've changed or done differently. Throughout life we make mistakes, we learn, we move on and we try not to make them again. The most important part of the process is learning from our own trial and error. When we learn the harsh lessons in life... truly and fully learn.... we can apply them to other situations and see how we can better ourselves through them and add a bit of bettering unto others as well. How do we know that we've learned something from a past experience? When we handle something differently than we would normally handle it and get different results. How can we see growth in a situation that was once stagnant? We have to accept that we have fault in a two way situation as much as the other party involved has fault. Growth cannot be achieved without taking responsibility for the roles that we've played in regards to sabotaging a situation.   A person w