To accept blame for one's actions.
To take responsibility for the things you could've changed or done differently.

Throughout life we make mistakes, we learn, we move on and we try not to make them again.
The most important part of the process is learning from our own trial and error.

When we learn the harsh lessons in life... truly and fully learn.... we can apply them to other situations and see how we can better ourselves through them and add a bit of bettering unto others as well.

How do we know that we've learned something from a past experience?

When we handle something differently than we would normally handle it and get different results.

How can we see growth in a situation that was once stagnant?

We have to accept that we have fault in a two way situation as much as the other party involved has fault.
Growth cannot be achieved without taking responsibility for the roles that we've played in regards to sabotaging a situation.   A person who truly hasn't grown, cannot gain the insight they claim that they have and others don't.
They haven't learned any lessons, they have always and will always be solely about themselves.

While they claim that their goal should've been focused on loving themselves for a set amount of time, when their focus has ALWAYS been themselves, then nothing has changed.

If we cannot take any blame for a relationship that has lost its shaped and we're solely zoned in on how the other person has messed everything up and hasn't grown or changed to date, then we have not grown.  The blame game is an arrow pointed in both directions, not just one.

We have to learn from our own mistakes not from someone else's.
What could we have done to change the situation? Even if all that could've been done was walk away, then take the blame for sticking around so long in a dead end situation.
Take the blame for not speaking up when you should have or for not holding your tongue when you should have.
Take the blame for igniting so many arguments, holding on to anger, resentment, etc.

And if you are taking some blame for your own mistakes, actions and inactions and no one else is willing to accept it, then that's their problem, not yours.

My point is, KNOW your flaws, recognize them and either embrace them and own up to them or make an active commitment to change or adjust them.


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