Today, I got the "pleasure" of listening to a 20 year old's recent heartbreak.
I tried to tune most of it out but couldn't help but hear the key parts and boyyy did her pain hit home.

It's amazing how a 13 year difference is no difference at all.
I felt like I was listening to myself.
While our situations are so different the gist of it all was very much the same.

The only very big difference between a 20 year old's heartbreak and a 33 year old's is that at 33 you know that no matter how horrible the pain is, eventually you'll go on because you really have no other choice.  The world keeps spinning, people keep moving... and so do you.  You still have to get up and face your every day responsibilities and that's it.  At 20, the world has ended and that's it.  You can't see past that.
At 33, you know that you can't see past today but you will see past today... eventually.  At 20, it seems hopeless.

But the pain.  It's the same.  It doesn't change, it doesn't get better.
Heartbreak is heartbreak.
Love lost is love lost... and that's it.
You give and give and give and when it's over, it's over and there's nothing you can do to recover that.
There's no changing a situation.
What's done is done.
Once everything is out on the table, it's out and there's no going back.
There's only moving forward.
And if it's not meant to be, then that's it... it just simply isn't meant to be.
You can't right the wrongs and you play scenes over and over again, hoping that when you wake up the next morning, you've awoken from a nightmare but in reality you're living the nightmare and you have to force yourself out of it.
And no matter what age, when you've experienced heartbreak, you can't help but play it over and over in your head, driving yourself crazy with different scenarios of "what ifs."

"What if I had never discovered this..."
"What if I had never done that..."
"What if I had approached it this way or that way..."

And if you're pretty sure you were really in love with that person, you can't help but wish there were something you can do to win them back in some way.  Even though, usually you never really had them to begin with.

But heartbreak at any age is still heartbreak.
Some may be easier than others... but you can hurt more at 40something then you did for someone else at 20something...
It's all the same anguish, the same questions you've asked yourself and ultimately the same pain.


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