I did a bit of sorting the other day and came across a lot of little interesting items from some people long and thankfully gone.....
I used to save everything.
I started throwing pretty much everything away last year.
Not much else to get rid of now! 

It's funny the cycles we go through in life and the things, people and situations that assist us along the way without even meaning to.  All the notes I still had hidden underneath other things from ex-friends, ex-lovers and some family members I'd like to "ex" out as well.  

Being that there seemed to be an ongoing theme, I realized that every single one of the people I've crossed paths with in my life have been tiny inspirations.
They've sparked some creativity.. thoughts and feelings and a series of stories in my head.

Either their characters were interesting or their situations were.
See, my posts while written in first person mostly aren't always experienced in first person.
They are sometimes written via observation.
And now due to those experiences (whether mine, yours or theirs), I've had the only itch to write story after story.

I usually pick up my paper and pen and write pages and pages and pages until my hand is stuck in the writing position and has to be massaged back to some type of normality.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is thank YOU.
To those of you reading this... to those of you not (but c'mon, you totally are... my stats don't lie!)....
Thank each and every one of you for the endless inspiration you've provided.

You stalking, hating, lying asses and most importantly, those of you who have been nothing but near and dear, ride or dies for me since day one.  Thank you ALL.


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