Life's Battles..

There's something I feel people don't seem to understand.
You can love yourself to the moon and back...
You can take care of yourself until you're bored to death of taking care of yourself....
You can spread love to others and give, give, give until you're exhausted with that as well....

But there will always be someone or a couple of someone's that will try and take advantage of your kindness, of your love, of your generosity.  Obstacles placed by what some know as "the enemy", the "dark one" or just plain old negativity that you just have to fight against.

It won't matter if you're giving the absolute minimum or the maximum.
It won't matter that you have your guard way up...
There is always someone or something who/that will come along and find a way to jump over that fence and run right for the gold... and once they have it, steal away quietly as if they were never there, leaving you empty.... and confused.

All we can do is push on.
Move forward and just settle on the fact that people are who they are no matter what.
And we can't change them and after a while there's no use changing us.
People will do what they do and whether they feel bad about it or not, what's done is done.
Some battles will be lost in the never ending war that is life.

If they choose to make an attempt to repair what they've damaged, they may be worth giving a chance to but if they don't then it's best to move on and just take it as another loss.
If the situation has somehow permanently damaged one aspect of your life, then you just have to focus on making another that much better.

There are just some factors out of our control no matter what we do or what we don't do.
Some things cannot be changed or controlled.

Some things are just out of our hands even in our own lives.
We may be the master of our destiny, but we are not the master of the obstacles we have to overcome in order to get there.

We just have to hold on to the strength we need in order to move forward and take some hits along the way.


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