Respect, Loyalty and The Value of a Title

These words have been flashing in my head as of the past couple of weeks regarding someone who thinks that titles are a joke.  But in my experience in the past 10 years, titles as silly as you skeptics, cynics and womanizers think they are... are absolutely important.

Without a title in a relationship of any sort, people can easily feel their own validation and justification in doing whatever they feel like doing and then saying, "Well, I told you I wasn't ready for a relationship..." or "I told you we were just friends."

People will find an excuse to do whatever they want no matter what.
Here's the thing, with or without that title, you're gonna do whatever you feel like doing.
In the end, you will feel okay doing it or you won't.
You will feel justified or you will feel guilty, but the title will make no difference in how you handle a situation.
You can marry a person and still cheat.
It won't make a difference if you choose to continue to engage in that behavior.  At the end of the day, it's a conscious CHOICE.  Not a mental state.

However, the other party will in fact feel a sense of security.  And with that title, if you fuck up, that person can walk away feeling justified rather than confused and broken, period.  And if they choose to stay and give you another chance for whatever reason, they should feel justified in making that decision because there IS a title.  Because there is something they have left to work on.   And if after that chance, they choose to walk away, they shouldn't be judged or ridiculed for doing so because "they should've known better."  Again, a title gives them security in knowing they at least tried to look past that person's errors in judgment.

The only problem with titles is responsibility.
People do not want to take responsibility for their actions.
They want to do whatever they want, have their cake and eat it too.
They're afraid of losing what they KNOW to be valuable but do not want to be responsible for losing those things.
They want to say in the end that others just didn't care enough to stick around.
That's all it boils down to.

There's nothing hard about being loyal to another individual as long as that loyalty is deserved.
Nothing at all.
The only thing hard about it is not wanting to let go of your own personal freedom (if you actually plan on being loyal and believe the person you're with is WORTH doing so for).
There's nothing behind that and there is no mental state in the world that will justify disloyalty.
If you cannot be loyal to someone, the next best thing you can do is respect them enough to walk away and never look back.
But to string someone along and then blame them for abandoning you, is selfish and looked down upon in my book.

There's nothing wrong in taking time to recover from a prior loss.
To say you need time to do whatever it is you want or need to do.
But be honest with yourself about it.
If you need 5 years to be a hoe, take 5 years to be a hoe.
Do not waste people's time. Do not spend more time with those people then necessary.
Keep it moving until you find someone that makes you want to stand still.
Know when to cut people off because it's never okay to use someone, string them along for months or years, and allow them to think there's a chance.  Because at the end of the day, that's what you're doing even if the words coming out of you mouth say one thing... your actions prove another.

Don't be a "fuckboy."
Be a man, be a woman.
Own up to adulthood and treat people with respect.  Even if you don't think they deserve it or have earned it.
Like I said... respect them enough to walk away.
Regardless of how that leaves them.

If you can't respect them enough to give them loyalty, exclusivity and/or a title, then you don't deserve to have them.


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