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Why Are You Single?

I have gotten asked this question countless times throughout my adulthood.

This was an easy question to answer when I was in my teens.
Why was I single throughout my later teen years?
Because I lacked confidence.  My self esteem was at its lowest.
I didn't take care of myself the way I should have and could have because I simply didn't know better.
Which in turn, did nothing for the way I felt about myself.
And because I lived in a place where who I was and what I looked like didn't fit into any sort of norm at the time..
A Puerto Rican teen living in the Poconos - Chubby, wild hair unkempt hair, lazy, totally didn't fit it.

As time progressed, little things changed and when I hit 24, something in me changed.
I met someone who taught me by example how easy it was to stop caring about what other people think and to totally just focus on what I thought about myself.
I changed many things about myself and as time has progressed, going into my 30's, confidence in…