Bouts of Anger

Last night, on my way home, I was thinking about how very angry I've been over the past 3 months.
Straight up angry.  Somewhat resentful.

There are days where I can let the anger go more than others, but for the most part it's still there.

When confronted by my boss about my feelings, I told him exactly what was bothering me in regards to our work and personal relationship.
The truth is, when I'm feeling extra angry, there is no good way to express myself.
I think we have an understanding now of how I feel and why, and where I'm at with it.
I need to either gather my thoughts (which may take a couple of days) until I can express myself, or just sweep it under the rug.

He's not the only thing that has had me angry.

I have very legit reasons for feeling the way that I do in all aspects of my life.. with people, with situations...
I learned a couple of years back that there are some people you cannot reason with and instead of being confrontational, I've let it simmer.

Yes, I know it's not good to allow your anger to just... simmer in its juices.
I had several outlets for it in the past I no longer have, which is why it has accumulated to the extent that it has.

It's not PMS, it's not a mood swing and it's not a spiritual.  It's just really the way I've been feeling consistently for a couple of weeks.  Although, it brings me just the slightest bit of amusement when it is assumed that my anger is a mood swing coming out from left field.

No, no, no...
I have legit reasons for feeling the way that I do.
I sometimes feel it's a shame that people cannot see where they're at fault for things.
And as I mentioned before, I've learned that it's useless to point things out to people who believe their behavior is flawless.  Or to go on about situations that simply cannot be fixed.

But as with everything else... this too shall pass.
Thankfully, I have my own personal plan moving forward and going just as I need it to (for now) even if frustrating at times.
And being kept busy is what keeps my sanity intact.

So before anyone assumes that one is angry for "no reason," trust that there is always a reason, and a good one... a logical one... a reasonable one...


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