Riding It Out

I wonder how many people are up right now at this late hour crying into their pillows over a broken heart...?
Be in their first time or their millionth time.

I wonder how many people are sitting in their very own puddles of sadness... wishing that somehow they could have done something to save them the pain.

Maybe, if they hadn't pursued that person/situation in the first place... if they had just left it alone.
Maybe... if they'd only kept everything friend zoned... they wouldn't feel like they've lost pretty much everything for nothing.
If they had just LISTENED to every word being said... even now...

If they had opened their eyes, put their foot down... been a bit more guarded.
Maybe if they hadn't opened up as much or the opposite... maybe if they'd just opened up their mouths and stood their ground a bit firmer...

If they could just go back and change something.

I wonder how many people are crying their hearts out of their eyes, beating themselves up over something they simply cannot change.

You cannot force someone to choose you, love you, want you.
You cannot force anyone to do anything they really just don't want to do.
You cannot convince someone that you were what was best for them, even if you are the prettiest woman, the most handsome man... the smartest, the most generous...
If someone doesn't want something, they just don't want it.

And the rest of us, just have to ride out the worst of it regardless of how absolutely terrible it feels and move on... and most importantly let go.
And it may feel like the pain will never go away but it will.

You cannot let it engulf you into it's depths because after all, what will you have left to give the next person or the one after that? And most importantly, what will you have left of yourself?

With that, I'm about to get really insensitive and tell you all.... to get the fuck over it.
I have.


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