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The Savior Syndrome

Today, I got to thinking about the Savior Syndrome... otherwise known as the Superman Syndrome. Most of you reading this have heard of this before.   I renamed it because at this point we need to recognize that men are not the only ones who suffer this hot mess of an imaginary disorder.  Many of us women suffer it too.   I've been known to and have somewhat grown out of it... I have always wanted to help those I most care about and I've had several train wrecks enter my life.  Train wrecks that have taken me for what I can "help" with, I help them get what they want and they still manage to leave my life train wrecks... Mr. F, The Lowest One of All... You get my drift. But after the Lowest One of All, I've decided that my help would be limited to emotional and mental and that's it. Just because it comes naturally and I can't help myself.  It's not something I seek out.  I much prefer friends and lovers who have their shit together.  At ti

Unsolicited Advice: Relationship Woes

As a single woman in my 30's, I have learned that when it comes to friends and their relationships, the best thing that one can do is to keep their opinions to themselves. All solicited relationship advice is actually UNSOLICITED.  They don't really WANT to know what you think.  Trust me. No matter how much your friends cry, beg or plead, the best thing you can do at all times, is just keep your mouth shut.  If your friend is bitching about his/her mate and you're not particularly fond of that person, then a couple of cheers here and there, are okay as long as you don't go overboard.  But nothing more.  Because once they make up with that person and they look back at the boisterous comments you made regarding the womanizing dirt bag the dude was, they will start to look at you as a hater and totally forget about the lascivious comments that same dirt bag was making on a social network towards some unknown female. Stay out of it. That's the best advice you can

Damages: An Ode to the Exes

To those who have inflicted unnecessary pain on their significant others for no reason... To those who have lied and cheated.. To those who have used emotional abuse as a means of control and power... Fuck off. To those who continue on with their lives in a charade of false happiness... To those who find it necessary to reach out to us when they're feeling empty meanwhile feigning completeness... To those of you stuck in the past claiming to have moved on.... Fuck off. To those who play mind games straight out of boredom... To those who lurk on our social media pages to seek some information for their deranged satisfaction... To those who continue to tell false stories of us to their new lovers... Fuck off. To all of you out there reading this now... Knowing you have no place in my life... Just know that no thanks to you I've come upon newer, fresher territory without your help.... And you, dear sir... should simply fuck off.

The Short Return of the Frogs

I was telling this young man recently, that dating in the year 2015, is like playing the lottery. You might get some numbers, and win a small amount of money... but spend it really fast and have nothing left, you might not win anything at all, or if you're really lucky, you'll hit the jackpot and never have to play again!  That last one is so very, very unlikely this day in age though. I am more likely to come across frog after frog after frog... before hitting that jackpot of a prince or even less likely a king... I would even be lucky to come upon a knight or a court jester at this point in my life... just sayin... lol Well, here I am back in the dating game and in a short period of time, all I've come across are frogs. Initially, I thought none of them were worthy of their own entries, but as I started writing about them, I figured I could squeeze out a couple of entries here and there for your entertainment and mine. I don't know if my last attempt of som