The Short Return of the Frogs

I was telling this young man recently, that dating in the year 2015, is like playing the lottery.
You might get some numbers, and win a small amount of money... but spend it really fast and have nothing left, you might not win anything at all, or if you're really lucky, you'll hit the jackpot and never have to play again! 

That last one is so very, very unlikely this day in age though.
I am more likely to come across frog after frog after frog... before hitting that jackpot of a prince or even less likely a king... I would even be lucky to come upon a knight or a court jester at this point in my life... just sayin... lol

Well, here I am back in the dating game and in a short period of time, all I've come across are frogs.
Initially, I thought none of them were worthy of their own entries, but as I started writing about them, I figured I could squeeze out a couple of entries here and there for your entertainment and mine.

I don't know if my last attempt of something... more... kind of ruined it for me to the point of no return or if I just need one to come along and really impress me... I mean... REALLY impress me.  And trust me, I don't impress easily.

I won't get into details about that last situation because I owe MYSELF that much more respect.  Let's just say it ended in yet another very painful manner and I am still very much in contact with that person under some friendly and frequently strenuous circumstances. is oh so complicated, isn't it?

But even then, I'm single and such as he can move on, so can I, right?
One would hope in this fantasy land of mine.

Three weeks of one date each with several frogs and I've learned a lot about myself.
I've learned that I am in NO way ready to date anyone because I still very much have that person mentioned above on a pedestal (whether they deserve it or not).
Right now, no one is good enough for me and settling is not an option at all.
I've learned as well, that some people are just trying to fill a void in their life.  I am not trying to fill any void.  I just want companionship and most of these dudes can't handle my independence and nonchalant attitude.

It is what it is.  My toleration for clinginess, laziness, and utter stupidity, is at an all time low.
If you're special, I will see your light and I will make extra time for you regardless of what's going on.

In the meantime, get in line and wait a good minute for this shop to reopen, because I'm going on a very long vacation.....

As for all of you... stay tuned.  I have some interesting, albeit short, stories to tell.


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