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Over the weekend, I went to a Zumba Jam Session. It's a 3 hour session for licensed instructors, in which you re-learn a specific genre of dance fitness taught during their trainings... in this case, reggaeton. I love attending jam sessions because as today's ZJ said, you get to completely strip down to the very basics... the very core of the rhythim...  and once those things are mastered, you can add your own flavor and see what works for you. Isn't that something we can all apply to our every day lives? When we encounter some sort of emotional or mental crisis, the best thing to do after the grief passes is to strip right down to the basics, re-learn the skills we were taught in our upbringing to adapt to change and cope with all life circumstances. " Problems are not the problem; coping is the problem. " ~ Virginia Satir  My grief this time around has lingered a bit longer than the last time with the events that transpired with the Lowest of Them All.

Froggy Fridays: The Overly Sensitive Frog

It was once upon a Friday when I went out with this man. We met up at local chain restaurant. I must admit, my heart wasn't in it. It actually wasn't in it for any of these upcoming stories, actually. I guess I went on these dates as a means to an end to my boredom and prolonged heart break. Before we went on this date, I was already feeling slightly apprehensive because he wanted to be Facebook friends.  I will admit, after I accepted his request, I restricted his access to my profile.  He could still see everything before I restricted him, but anything I added on, he wouldn't be able to see. First of all, we don't know each other, so we shouldn't be social media friends.  I don't think ANYONE who in the first stages of dating should be friends on any social media profile.  It's a means to an end, right off the bat. Secondly, I'm extremely sarcastic, and if you don't know me, you might misinterpret something I post out of humor. And I w


I remember laying in bed with Mr. F one morning many years ago... And I believe we were discussing relationships. He had this interesting theory that I mostly agree holds true and applies to all relationships, familial and friendships included. He said he views all relationships as a glass and that each time there is a conflict, whether it be an argument or even the whitest, smallest lie, the glass would crack, little by little.  The bigger the conflict or problem, the bigger the crack, until eventually the glass is completely shattered and irreparable.  (Ironically, the majority of our conflicts were caused by him but that's neither here nor there). For him, once that glass was cracked, you could continue to move forward and tread carefully and try not to keep making indents... or you could walk away entirely.  However, I realize that he never mentioned anything about maintenance and repair. Looking back at that conversation now, 11... almost 12 years later, I believe that

Rumor Has It

My epiphanies are always brought on by several reviews of certain events that transpire previously. This particular one was induced by one of my usual rants with Omar. This one came today due to an argument I had with someone (we will call him "the offender) I once considered very near and dear to my heart.  The argument was based on his lie and my reaction to it. Basically, the omission/blatant lie... whatever you'd like to call it... is based on the fact that I can't stand this particular individual (we shall call her "train wreck) that the offender lied to me about because there's something I know about her, on top of she rubs me the wrong way.  Because of this lie, I reacted in a fit of rage and it caused to me jump to several assumptions about the train wreck and the offender. Had the truth been told, I may have admittedly made some snide remarks, and yes, I would've been bothered, but I wouldn't have felt an already open wound salted