Moments of Love

I was thinking today that I've spent a good portion of my 33 years mourning the loss of the people I've loved.
But when I look at the big picture... even if things didn't work out with those people.
Even if eventually they did me wrong in some way.
Or they believe in their version of the story, I did them wrong...
For at least a moment in time, I knew what it felt like to actually be loved.

Perhaps, it wasn't HOW I wanted or even needed to feel loved.
Perhaps, it wasn't a conventional way to love a person.
But I knew they loved me even for a moment, a day, an hour, a second...
I felt it in a look, a touch, a hug, a kiss... and sometimes in the tone of their voice.

Not many people know how it actually feels to be loved.
Not because they haven't been loved but because they spend so much time trying to block it out.
Fighting against it and wasting so much time worrying about those who don't worry about them that they didn't stop and appreciate the love that was there when they had it.

So I'm taking this moment to appreciate it.
Take it all in and to say thank you to those who loved me once before and love me now.
Inhaling the love that is there or was once there and exhaling any resentment I've had at any point in time.

I am grateful to each and every one of you and I will love all of you forever.


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