Start Over Once More...

I don't quite remember the moment in which I gave up.
But somewhere along the way... that's what I did.
I gave up on my love life when I put myself in a situation in which the person I spent almost an entire year with couldn't even give me the minimum amount of respect or honesty.
I gave up on my career when I quit not one but three jobs back to back because I simply didn't want to do it anymore.
I gave up on my health when I decided that it was okay to eat junk food in order to replace real meals.

I gave up.
And I don't remember the instance in which I made all of these bad decisions and thought it was okay to carry on.

I reasoned with myself.
That everything would work itself out.
That I wanted all of these things and that somehow it would all magically come together.
But I allowed too many things to transpire.

I allowed things to happen that should have never ever happened.
Somewhere along the line I forgot who I was and I settled for so much less than what I deserved.

So today...
I decided I have to start over again.
Really start over.

I've taken some steps but they're not enough.
Now I have to just take an entirely different route and just go for it.
At this point I have nothing left to lose.


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