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The Ex Misconception

There is a HUGE discrepancy in the way our potential and future mates envision what our ex's were like. They assume that because a relationship ended badly, that the ENTIRE relationship or situation-ship was bad.  And so these newbies come into the picture saying things like, "Oh I'm super considerate, generous, etc.  You will find that I am nothing like anyone you've ever dated." Negative! Just because things ended badly, doesn't mean things were always bad. Whatever and whoever my ex-whatever's were at their core, they didn't show me that side to them immediately.  It was when they began to show me how ugly they were (not all of them were ugly or bad people by the way), is when things began to deteriorate or ended immediately. Just because the last situationship was involved with someone for an ex-amount of years, doesn't mean he was a total dick to me throughout our whatever you want to call it.  I reclal a time he brought me soup when

New Old Me

If some of you have been keeping up, a couple of years ago, I had a personal transformation. It was a mixture of life changes that brought me there.  And after three serious heartbreaks (overall I'd say that's not awful), I have been up and down.  At a young age, I was probably one of the most insecure women in history.   I'm nearly 34 now (yikes!!!!) and I can tell you that while I have my regular ups and downs, I am much further now than I was 10 years ago...  In the past two weeks, I've had constant reminders from my closest family and friends that I have come a very long from the person that I used to be.   Somewhere along the line in that last hysterically insane "situationship" I was involved in, I totally lost my way (again... let's face it... ).  I forgot who I was and what I've evolved into.  And while that pause was a somewhat long one, I promised myself in the past 2 weeks that I would snap out of it.  On Sunday, Sept