New Old Me

If some of you have been keeping up, a couple of years ago, I had a personal transformation.
It was a mixture of life changes that brought me there. 

And after three serious heartbreaks (overall I'd say that's not awful), I have been up and down. 

At a young age, I was probably one of the most insecure women in history.  
I'm nearly 34 now (yikes!!!!) and I can tell you that while I have my regular ups and downs, I am much further now than I was 10 years ago... 

In the past two weeks, I've had constant reminders from my closest family and friends that I have come a very long from the person that I used to be.  

Somewhere along the line in that last hysterically insane "situationship" I was involved in, I totally lost my way (again... let's face it... ).  I forgot who I was and what I've evolved into.  And while that pause was a somewhat long one, I promised myself in the past 2 weeks that I would snap out of it. 

On Sunday, Sept. 13, I woke up and simply decided that I would no longer cry or feel sorry for myself. 
I told myself that something... anything... had to give.  
The following week was quiet, followed by 2 disastrous interviews but several amazing sessions at the gym. 

I had some really good nights out.. cut my hair and even fulfilled a little something something on my bucket list... A semi-sexy photo shoot with a pretty well known photographer... And that Friday? I got a job offer.. After interviewing for several different positions, I got exactly the job I wanted for the time being in order to fulfill a couple of more items on this bucket list of mine.

What it boils down to is this.
I may be a little late in the game.
I may have had several set backs.

But here I am again.  Starting over again.
And actually enjoying the process.

I have to make attempts to continue riding the wave rather than allow distractions to keep me from accomplishing my goals again.

And while things can change in the blink of an eye, we also have the power to change them right back around and redirect ourselves onto the right path.


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