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David's Angels

There is no good way to write a story about David.

I met David a couple of years back during a BBQ I held at my home.
He was very helpful, sweet and generous.
He was a loving individual and he brought us laughter... and liquor.
The most important things of all, really.

As time passed, in truth, I was rarely hanging out with anyone because I was unemployed.  I went out several times with a college friend I was close to, and even those outings were brief.
My focus at the time was school and starting a career in the field of psychology/counseling/social work.

I believe we all went to a brunch one afternoon, and David met some of my other friends, perhaps went to brunch with them on a separate occasion and got emotionally attached.
I was somehow the common denominator in this scenario.

See, the thing with David was, that he was harboring 2 secrets about himself.
The first one, which was actually quite obvious to everyone, was that he was a gay man.
He had this self hatred about who h…

Unsolicited Advice: My Opinion

We all know how I feel about unsolicited advice.
Especially being that this would be my 3rd post (and probably not my last) about it.  I figured I would write about the other side of that.  
I'm never ever one to give anyone unsolicited advice.  I fight tooth and nail against telling people how I think things should be done.  Unless it's a super casual conversation that requires opinions... I try not to give them.  However, if Sally is telling me and Jenny about a situation, I may tell Jenny later on what I think Sally should do and let her give the unsolicited advice for me.   That's much safer... for me.. not safer for Jenny being that she might take the blame... 
With all of that said, I'm usually the listener.  I will rant all my woes to whomever I trust and I will do my very best to be that ear they need in return.  I find that the best way to avoid giving people any opinion is by letting them go on and on and on about their situation and when they're done, gi…

Part Time Friends

When we get to the end of the year, it's time to basically throw things away.

Clothes we'll never wear again....
Items we'll never use again...
And people we'll never speak to again.

Yes, people go in this category as well.

Two years ago, I made a decision to simply stop talking to someone I was friends with for a couple of years....
Nothing happened between us but I felt that the only time we were talking was when I was doing poorly in some way.  Not because I didn't try to reach out when I was doing well.  But for some odd reason they only wanted to be around to sort of "save" me.  They wanted to BE the reason I was happy and it was almost like they basked in my misery.  When I started to finally feel good, look good and bask in my own glory, she disappeared.  I wanted for her to take part in my happiness and maybe share with her the way friends could/would.. but she wanted no part.  And that last time... was the last time.  I decided that was it.


A Very Random Christmas Eve

This year for the holidays, being single and ultimately, not the happiest of people because well... last year was just very different around this time... I asked my good friend, also single, same age, if she had anything planned for the holiday.  She said no, she was just staying home.  So I said, let's go do something different.

I made a poor attempt at trying to come up with something creative to do.
So I found tickets to the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe for their "Got No Tree" Poetry Slam and told her we could go have some dinner beforehand.
She was down.

After a semi long day at work and a hot walk outside (73 degrees on Christmas Eve is no joke), we settled for wine and appetizers at Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man, caught up and shared some stories on our dating adventures.

We headed over to Nuyorican's feeling the warmth of wine flush our cheeks.  And looking forward to doing something random.  After a very, very long walk to the Cafe... in the misty…

10 Lessons I Learned (Again) In 2015

2015... Thank you for re-teaching me some hard learned lessons.
To all of my loyal readers,  new and old, this one is for you.

1 - Love Yourself!!!! 

     Every time you find the slightest negative thing to say about yourself, replace it with a compliment.  We are all human beings and nothing more than that.  We are all perfectly imperfect and we need to stop being so hard on ourselves.  When it comes down to it, there's something amazing in all of us, and the least we can do is appreciate that something and magnify it.

2 - Stop People Pleasing!!!! 

This is a lesson that took me 34 years to learn.  Whether it be friends or lovers, I have ALWAYS gone out of my way to make sure that the people I've held near and dear to my heart know that I care about them;  That I'm thinking about them; and that I am there for them.  But after the roughest year I've had in a very long time, and select individuals NEVER taking any time to contact me for anything other than how I can serv…