A Very Random Christmas Eve

This year for the holidays, being single and ultimately, not the happiest of people because well... last year was just very different around this time... I asked my good friend, also single, same age, if she had anything planned for the holiday.  She said no, she was just staying home.  So I said, let's go do something different.

I made a poor attempt at trying to come up with something creative to do.
So I found tickets to the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe for their "Got No Tree" Poetry Slam and told her we could go have some dinner beforehand.
She was down.

After a semi long day at work and a hot walk outside (73 degrees on Christmas Eve is no joke), we settled for wine and appetizers at Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man, caught up and shared some stories on our dating adventures.

We headed over to Nuyorican's feeling the warmth of wine flush our cheeks.  And looking forward to doing something random.  After a very, very long walk to the Cafe... in the misty rain, we came upon their location and arrived 30 minutes early.  I opened the rusty door in this shady location... and there were some people sitting at the bar.  A heavy set and grouchy man, gave us the only look and asked with the nastiest attitude, "Yeah can I help you with something?"

"Ummm.. yeah... we have tickets to the poetry slam tonight.... at 7...."

"Well okay yeah we're closed right now so...." and he proceeded to give us the "Get Lost" look....

Completely turned off, my friend and I exchanged a knowing look that said "What are we going to do now?", walked out... and bitched about the nasty greeting we just received.

On our way to the cafe before having our bubble popped, we walked by an empty bar.  I suggested we go back there (really because I had to use the bathroom) and have a drink and then head back to the cafe (although I really wasn't feeling going back there but didn't want the night to go to waste).

We walked back and the bar was still empty.  I asked the bartender and another worker there if they were open and they immediately said yes.  After taking a good look at the bartender, I recognized him from another place I frequented some time back with my former Amazonian friend for brunch every other Sunday.  It was my favorite bartender, C!

I quickly asked him to confirm if he'd worked at the Hudson and worked brunches and if his name was C. He replied yes and I dashed off to the restroom.

I came back, made myself comfortable and he asked me how I knew him.  I explained that i used to go with a friend and I was a little quieter and heavier at the time... and after telling him my friend's name and the circumstances in which I was at his bar, he remembered, and then next thing you know... it was me and my feisty blonde having drinks with the bartender, the general manager and the bar back.

A simple night turned into so much fun in seconds.
I laughed ALL night long and haven't had a Christmas Eve (or day) that good in YEARS!
Most fun I can remember in my adult life on a holiday.

Now, while my story may seem quite tedious... there is a moral.
And that is that...... sometimes the very best things happen unexpectedly.
You may plan for things to go one way, and while it may turn frustrating because they went in a totally different direction... that new direction might be something much better than originally planned.
So don't get lost in what could've been and bask in what could be.


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