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Accepting Vs. Settling

"Where do you draw the line between accepting and settling?" Omar asked. A while back, I briefly dated someone I wasn't attracted to simply because he was a "good" guy who had a stable career and goals.  He was single, a little older, and a nice person. But he lacked a certain degree of intelligence.  If I told him I had plans, he would ask me about 10 times if I still planned on going out and no matter how many times I would repeat myself, it wouldn't sink in. It wasn't that he was forgetful.  It was simply that he was a blithering idiot. And what's worse is that I felt no physical attraction to him.  There was no chemistry and he kind of disgusted me.  He wasn't ugly but... but yuck.  Just not the guy for me. After a month of trying to make it work, I decided it wasn't going to.  That if I spent another minute talking to this man, I would simply be settling and I knew I was worth soooo much more.  The man was needy, annoying and pla