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Growing Pains

I wake up every day. Get ready for work. Commute through the trenches of Flushing, and the heart of Manhattan. I arrive at work... deal with infants, toddlers,, small children and their students (ha! get it? I don't really work with adults. Just big kids with driver's licenses and the legal right to drive, smoke and drink.) I manage an office, substitute classes, and somehow get pulled into the drama a staff consisting of only women is bound to have.... I sit down during my break, contemplate doing some home work or reading for pleasure and then decide to play games on my phone while blocking out the majority of the chit chatting surrounding me in a small space.... Finally, I leave work, either head to the gym or come home to deal with my "female head of household" duties.... And the next day? I do it all over again. Every single week day, I curse my younger self for rushing into adulthood. I think back and wish I wouldn't have wished so hard to be gro