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Perfectly Imperfect Fairytales

I think at some point in life, we get spoiled into thinking that the non existent is reality.
We get caught up in feelings of love and grandeur that only hold so much truth.
The getting to know you stage feels so very good when you really like someone that we forget that there are challenges and times of difficulty that soon follow.   We forget that nothing is perfect and that all pending relationships require work.

Because we forget these things, we tend to live in this fantasy that a successful, loving relationship just comes naturally with no work what so ever.
And so when things become difficult, we get a very harsh wake up call.

We forget that our fantasy princes and princesses are nothing more than average human beings fighting their own hardships and internal demons.
That everyone has a daily struggle they need to combat and that sometimes that doesn't translate very well into our relationships.

The reality of it is, in order to maintain a successful relationship you nee…