Perfectly Imperfect Fairytales

I think at some point in life, we get spoiled into thinking that the non existent is reality.
We get caught up in feelings of love and grandeur that only hold so much truth.

The getting to know you stage feels so very good when you really like someone that we forget that there are challenges and times of difficulty that soon follow.  
We forget that nothing is perfect and that all pending relationships require work.

Because we forget these things, we tend to live in this fantasy that a successful, loving relationship just comes naturally with no work what so ever.
And so when things become difficult, we get a very harsh wake up call.

We forget that our fantasy princes and princesses are nothing more than average human beings fighting their own hardships and internal demons.
That everyone has a daily struggle they need to combat and that sometimes that doesn't translate very well into our relationships.

The reality of it is, in order to maintain a successful relationship you need to be ready.  You need to get ready for the challenges ahead and be willing and able to face them without giving up every time something goes wrong.

You need to want it.  I mean really want it.  More than you want most things.  Because if you could care less about it, you're not going to waste any time putting any work in.  You have to WANT that other person. You have to really want them with ALL of their flaws.  You have to be willing to accept them and all the baggage they come with.  And figure out ways to maneuver them without being unrealistic.

Finally, you need to fight.  Every damn day.  To keep it together.  Even on your good days, you need to keep fighting because you know there will be tough days ahead.  Because this is a story you are building with someone else.  And it's going to be filled with trials and tribulations and all that other bullshit that glue this thing together.  A relationship that is built on a genuine foundation of genuine love.

And it's genuine love, because after all of that, you CHOOSE to continue to build and grow and go on with this individual.  To pursue this relationship.  This IMperfect fairytale that started off in a fantasy world and got slammed with a painful overdose of reality and yet here you are choosing this story every day because you WANT this and because you LOVE this and because you know this story will have a happy ending regardless of how adventurous and scary it's been throughout the entire thing.


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