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My mom passed away yesterday morning.  I didn't get to say goodbye. I haven't seen her since November & I kept telling her I'd try but in truth I never tried hard enough. I allowed my own abysmal depression to take over as is the norm.  And as I write this, all I can think is, she'll never read another one of my crazy rants again. I'll never hear her voice again. I'll never feel her hugs or kisses.  We'll never get to argue again about how stubborn either one of us is being. We'll never take another trip together, share a drink, pose for another photo...,  She didn't get the chance to meet the love of my life. Or watch us get married one day.... I will never ever see her again. I never thought this day would be so hard. Because she wasn't supposed to go so soon. 58 was just too young. Too sudden. I never thought I'd actually feel like an orphan at the age of 34.   The feeling of loneliness you get after your biggest cheerleader has comple