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Self Induced Solitude

After wrapping things up with yet another frog the other day, I realized that I may just be alone for the rest of my life.  
Don't we all feel that way when we encounter another romance related fail?

Accompanied with that thought, came a memory of a time I went to the movies with my mom. It was right around the holidays about 9 or 10 years ago. My mom and I decided to go to the movies to see some depressing Will Smith film. We were there quite early and before the film started, my mom looked around and said... "For such a populated city, there are so many lonely people....". Upon observing what she was referring to, the theater wasn't full but comfortably filled and almost everyone there was entirely alone.Now, it's true we don't know their story and I can't quite remember if it was New Year's or Christmas but I do remember that both she and I were pretty single at the time.I remember feeling sad too because she was right.So many people in there were ju…

Froggy Fridays: The Dating Olympics

The Dating Olympics are brutal.

I don’t care what anyone says.  Yes, of course, it can be fun and come with great stories to tell but if you don’t have a strong, steel backbone, it can tear your ass down.  It is straight up, survival of the fittest through and through with all kinds of tests, trials and tribulations.
You really have to go into it without feelings and absolutely NO expectations. No expectations that it will go anywhere. No expectations that the other person will reciprocate an attraction.  And no expectations that the other person is even slightly human with a slice of empathy. I’ve become a bit of a savage, myself, when it’s come to dating. The words that come out of my mouth have a way of escaping and making people either laugh, appreciate my blunt sincerity, or run. I just can't allow myself to get stepped on.
Back in June, I told a dude that I’ve gone on 4 dates within the past 4 years that he was fake.  Right to his face, over a walk while trying to find my car. Why? B…

Froggy Fridays: Mr. Slap Happy

After several messages here and there, I figured out right away that this wasn’t going to go anywhere.
Just for Mr. Slap Happy and I to hang out, it would be a 2 hour drive for either one of us….. The next conflict of interest was that he’s a “know it all.”

In a conversation about not committing the same errors, I mentioned not compromising who I am as a person for anyone else and he insisted that it was a bad attitude because not every relationship is the same, therefore, if I was once flexible, I should continue to be so.  
While compromising, finding a middle road, etc., is always an option… you know what’s not? Putting myself in an unhealthy situation for someone who basically holds no importance in my life.   Just sayin.

Another conversation was had in which he was trying to tell me that going on vacation too often wasn’t good for me because I should be worrying about saving money for my future.  First of all, we are just getting to know each other. In what world is it okay to discuss…

That's What I Like

Consistency, effort, communication and responsiveness...

That's what I like.

I read this quote on someone's feed the other day and it couldn't be more true.
If I like you enough, no matter how hard my instinct is trying to fight my feelings (whether lust or otherwise) I'll totally let you go ahead and fuck me up.
I may highly regret it later but in the moment, I'll enjoy it for what it is.
I think this holds true for pretty much the majority of people. If you really like someone - and I'm talking lust with a large side of intrigue - you'll take the risk.

And by taking the risk, you're making and contributing time to try and get to know this person.You're being consistent and putting in actual work, actual effort because that person brings you just a little smile, brings you a little warmth and let's be honest, makes you tingle in the most private areas of your body and mind.

You cannot claim to feel a real attraction to someone if you cannot be bother…